Dorian Walker’s Journal: Landing

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On ground, near wooden crate with red bottle on, rock, two metal barrels … XAS Forward Camp.If you proceed with quests in this area without acquiring this Journal, it becomes unavailable for obtain later on.




Dorian Walker’s Journal: Landing


Nexus Landing Day 003.1
All right, that’s the orbital survey done, and I’ve made a few low passes in the Blue Horizon so’s to make sure I ain’t missed anything too glarin’ obvious. Near as I can tell, this planet has almost NO advanced civilizations of any kind. Sure, I see the remains of some pretty amazin’ tech, but when I dipped down to take a gander, I didn’t see no signs of the Eldan.

Now is there life? Oh hell, yes. And a lot of them
life forms look to be pretty smart, or at least they seem capable of buildin’ homes and villages in caves and such-like. But there ain’t no all-powerful godlike bein’s what hold the power’a life and death in their hyper-advanced little hands, not that I can detect on the Horizon’s scanners. And I got some high-powered military-grade equipment on this little ship. What I do detect is six spots on the surface where the power readin’s are off the damn charts!
Each power signature is distinct – what them alchemists might call “primal power,” I’m thinkin’ – but the strongest is in a wind-swept region what’s split in half by a pretty good-sized rift canyon. Time to set down and see what ol’ Dorian Walker can see.

Nexus Landing Day 003.2
I got the Blue Horizon tucked away at the end’a the canyon farthest away from that power source, some gigantic artifact I could see from the air when I was
enterin’ the atmosphere, just to be safe. Don’t want anything or anyone gettin’ in the way of my escape route. Now that I’m on the surface, I’m detectin’ a lotta life signs on the far end of the rift in the direction’a that power source. Reckon I better plant a copy’a this journal when I disembark, just in case I run into trouble. Scanners are also detectin’ more’a them crummy little huts, but also quite a bit’a Eldan tech still runnin’ – I can tell from the
power signatures. And while it ain’t my usual style, I reckon I oughta strap on that sidearm Belle made me take along. I don’t aim to shoot nobody, but sometimes it helps to bring the roof down when ya gotta make a quick exit.

Wish me luck.

— Dorian Walker

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal