Dominion Medical Chief’s Log


On a tiny box, on higher platform, inside dominion post Spineridge Depot.


Southern Grimvault

Southern Grimvault

Dominion Medical Chief’s Log


STATUS LOG – Grimvault Expedition Operation Genesis Day 01
Chief Medic Darnassian recording

What started as a bad supply situation is only getting worse. Anesthetic stores are at less than 20%, with the parts we need to keep the med stations functioning are at less than 10%. Command is not going to like this, but they must provide more medical supplies if the Radiant Legion is to take this Phagelab about which I’ve been hearing.
Why, I’d say we’re going to need more supplies if we’re to last the week, assault or no assault.

I have complete faith in Commander Antevian’s courage, but even he can’t win a war if he and all of his troops are bleeding out on the battlefield.

Something must be done!

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Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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