Doctor Drugaur’s 100% Pure Vitalus Supplement Solution

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On ground, beside the junk piles, bellow the red cloth, Grimhold Quarantine Sector. In order to be safe from Contamination level, you should kill mobs in this area. Loot and use their Hazmat Suit Filter.




Doctor Drugaur’s 100% Pure Vitalus Supplement Solution


DAY 27

At last, the breakthrough I have been waiting for! The solution is stable. It has taken many months, but I believe I have finally perfected my Vitalus supplement solution. If my calculations are correct, merely a small amount of this simple formula added to Lazarin’s Vitalus Serum will extend the usefulness of the serum by nearly 500%! This breakthrough could well prove to be as important to the survival of our people as the
invention of Vitalus itself. Our supplies will quintuple overnight. We need not fear long voyages of exploration and discovery. And if I can build on these successes, perhaps one day a Mordesh need only receive an annual Vitalus shot – as long as it’s mixed with Doctor Drugaur’s supplement.

Naturally, there will be questions. How can I prove the supplement really works? Don’t we need to wait and see? And what if it doesn’t work? All
valid and viable questions, of course, and ones I am excited to explain.
– Of course I can prove it really works! I’m not Ravenous, am I?
– I did wait and see! And look at me. Fit as a fiddle. I’m even preparing answers for questions no one has yet queried.
– If it doesn’t work? Not an issue in any way. Because it does. Why do these hypothetical fools ask such querulous questions?

Why? Why? Why? Whywhywhwywyhhw?

I feel fffrantic. Thiiis
strikes me as strrrrange. Blood. Blood. Blood. Test. Testing. No! Vitalus shot. Will help, must help, will help, willlll. Supplement. Ffffailing. Fresh. Need. Fresh. Serum. Flesh. Flesh serum. Fresh. Fleshhhhhhhhhtggugphgghh

[The flashing red light after this last word indicates the voice-to-text function of the journal ceased recognizing the sounds Doctor Drugaur was making at the time. A gallant effort was made to finish recording.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal