Dish Network Protocols

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On a small table, at the end of a metal platform. One of the many quests that lead you here is “Tampered Signals”, part- Deactivate Communication Controls.




Dish Network Protocols


Big horns! Too many errors in calibrations. Dominion dish network going out of whack. Not Chua fault. BIG HORN’S fault! So pay attention!

Dish network very sensitive. Calibrations very complicated. Big horns no good at calibrations. So big horns don’t try!

Is very simple. Need calibrations? Network go out? CALL A CHUA! Any Chua will do, but try to call Chua in charge of calibrations if big meaty claw-hands capable of properly using
datachron without stabbing self.

Why Draken even try to use machines? This should be Chua work! Must talk to superiors.

Anyway! Dish Network Protocols!

1. Call Chua before you do anything!
2. Don’t touch dish controls!
3. Seriously don’t!
4. Don’t touch auxiliary dish controls!
5. Don’t touch backup auxiliary controls!
6. See #1!

– Network Tech Rondo

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal