Directives from the Widow

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On a table, in the southern part of Poxbrew Enclave cave. Entrance to Poxvre Enclave cave is at the position marked at map. It is a well, with a stairs in it. You need to have quest The New Plague in order to use the stairs and enter the Poxbrew Enclave. Quest that leads to this quest is The Poxbrew Enclave. As you enter this area you can accept it through communicator call.




Directives from the Widow


Dominion operations in Auroria feed more than half their settled population. Yet they still seek to expand their farmlands and use technology and Eldan secrets to increase the yield of this place. Their precious spaceport, Hycrest, sits like a blight in the middle of all this greenery. It’s like my colleagues are fond of saying, “Sometimes only a culling can end a blight.”

Agents, we’re going to hit them where they’re most vulnerable: right smack in the lowborn. The highborn, the Luminai, even the
Draken and Chua look down on Cassian lowborns. They get less of everything: less food, and generally speaking, far less of the Dominion’s vast wealth than their highborn counterparts. It’s a wonder they haven’t all rebelled to join the Exiles, and it’s a testament to the hold their superstitions have over them.

Fortunately, my alchemists can create a plague that doesn’t care whether you’re highborn or
lowborn, only that you’re Cassian. And this won’t harm our Exile human allies, either. My alchemists are that good. Better yet, the highborn’s own arrogance will be their undoing.

You each have your individual objectives. I expect them to be accomplished with efficiency, secrecy, and professionalism. No one fails me a second time.

-The Widow

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal