Deployment Orders: Operation Rain Shadow

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On small box, between two beds, Jagged Cove. This is the first settlement you get to, after the starting area Holochambers.


Levian Bay

Levian Bay

Deployment Orders: Operation Rain Shadow


Soldiers of the Dominion, today you march for glory!

Our landing zone is at the edge of Levian Bay in an area the locals call Seaspine Point. We have many Dominion citizens occupying the area, but dangerous locals and the accursed Exiles are violating our sacred right to this world. It is here that
we begin the fight to take this planet from those traitorous scum!

Primary mission objectives include:
– Support for the Artemis Zin expedition to Star-Comm Station.
– Securing the Star-Comm Station facility.
– Elimination of local threats including natives designated Pell and Skeech.
– Logistical
support for DRED weapons researchers.

Standing orders:
– Defense of Dominion citizens with lethal force.
– Claiming uncontrolled territory.
– Kill orders against any and all Exiles.

Levian Bay is where it all begins, soldiers. The gods have offered up their own world to we proud inheritors of the Eldan legacy. Now we must prove we are worthy of this gift and defend it with our very lives!

General Kezrek Warbringer

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal