Deployment Orders: Operation Prime Time


On a wooden bench, on a platform, Stonebreaker Post area – Brinny’s Wayside Retreat.


Southern Grimvault

Southern Grimvault

Deployment Orders: Operation Prime Time


FCON, I ain’t never lied to ya. This is the big one. Do or die. Probably both, but the second one don’t mean a thing if we don’t get the first taken care of.

We found what we think is the source of, hell, just about every dangerous secret on Nexus right here in the Grimvault, and we’re gonna make sure Exiles are the ones callin’ the shots when the time comes and the hammer drops and the space-chickens come home to roost.
We’re gonna hit hard to take control’a what territory we can, clear out these corrupted Strain monsters – that oughtta be fun – oh, and take down a Dominion superweapon before it wipes the arkship outta the sky. All with supplies on the low side and pretty much the whole planet in a state of open war. That means we’re all we got, mercs.

There’s operational intel from the Widow sayin’ we got some kinda ancient energy being in here trying to help us out.
I’m just gonna say this once – stick to the blasted plan! And when in doubt, listen to your immediate commander. The chain’a command is there for a reason, and anyone who violates orders on the word’a some hallucinogenic space ghost is gonna find themselves in the stockade!

Finally, listen up. I know we lost the Widowmaker. Those were good men, women, and mechs onboard that ship, and they didn’t deserve to die.
The ones that lived deserve their fates even less, and you’ll be doing ’em a favor if you kill ’em first chance you get. But the Widowmaker’s just one ship. Get that situation under control, FCON, get what supplies we need, and prep for the big final push into the heart of this blasted craphole.

When Grimvault’s good and pacified, we’ll roast Ruxnillian splorg franks over the flames.

– Stonebreaker

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal