Deployment Orders: Operation Backburner

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On ground, next to a small wooden bench, Fallen Lancer NPC, at the Northwestern part of DREDplex: Giant Crusher compound, close to the entrance from a nearby road.




Deployment Orders: Operation Backburner


DEPLOYMENT ORDERS: Operation Backburner


Things are heatin’ up in Auroria, mercs! And I mean that literally. Maybe ya know that Thayd was built by these big bastards called Osun, and maybe ya don’t. All that’s important for ya to know is that they ain’t the only Osun on this planet. We got some real charmers over in the south end of Auroria at a place called Kel Voreth.

Yeah, I said Auroria, and I know it’s Dominion territory. But you ain’t about goin’ in there to make
friends and settle down, ya hear me? The Dommies are crawlin’ all over the place, sure, and we gotta hit ’em hard while they’re preoccupied. Yeah, the Voreth Osun are gonna help us out whether they know it or not.

Only problem? It ain’t just Osun in there. They’re diggers, those big suckers – like to mine and smith metal. And it sounds like they dug up some real trouble: fire elementals. As if that weren’t hairy enough, they got some kinda KING elemental they call the Voreth Flame. He’s parked up
there on top of the whole damned Kel Voreth structure, and it’s gonna take some real gumption to get up there and snuff him out. Maybe the Dommies’ll take care of it, but if they don’t, we might have to. I ain’t worried about savin’ the Dommies, understand, but if those fiery creeps bust outta Kel Voreth, they ain’t gonna care who ya pledge allegiance to. They’re just gonna burn this planet to cinders.

So stay cool, mercs, and stay hydrated. That’s an order.

– Stonebreaker

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal