Chief Engineer Fippi’s Personal Log

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On top of a tiny crate, on a small crimson platform where you can find Chief Engineer Fippi, Crimson Base of Operations. Chief Engineer Fippi is part of quest “Important Personel”, part- Kill Chief Engineer Fippi.




Chief Engineer Fippi’s Personal Log


Galeras deployment Day 19.

That’s it. I don’t care about the prize money. I’m putting in for a transfer as soon as I’m bloody able, and if I never see this place again, it’ll be too soon. This whimfiber the Collegium’s so interested in? Must be for use as a battlefield hazard. The stuff gets into every single component of every single machine I work on at this base, and even machines that shouldn’t need maintenance at all!

And that’s besides the effect
the whimfiber’s having on my sinuses. I think one of my eyes is actually starting to pop out when I sneeze. Bloody hurts, so it does.

When I put in my transfer request, I need to make sure to mention the business with Nox and Voski. Little odd to see good friends turn to bad blood so quickly, isn’t it? But if someone higher up the command chain doesn’t learn about it soon, the bad blood’s going to turn literal, and right bloody quick.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal