Chief Cannoneer Nox’s Personal Log

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On a platform where you can find Chief Cannoneer Nox, Crimson Base of Operations. Chief Cannoneer Nox is part of a quest “Important Personel”, part- Kill Chief Cannoneer Nox.




Chief Cannoneer Nox’s Personal Log


Galeras Deployment Day 20.

Somebody’s been in the ammo stores, and I damned well know who it is. That lowborn sot Voski has had it in for me for months, and I’m certain he’s thieving from our extremely limited supplies. One of his class might be selling imperial property to the Marauders, or bandits, or even the Exiles. I would not put it past someone like him.

And what better way to cast aspersions
on my own performance? After all, a mere arms officer is little more than a quartermaster with a clip board. A cannoneer such as myself is responsible for maintaining and firing the largest manually operated weapons in the entire Dominion arsenal! If just one thing goes amiss, it could mean disaster. And that sneaky little lowborn pig knows precisely what kind of trouble to cause.

Mark my words, this will not end well… for him.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal