Chief Arms Officer Voski’s Personal Log

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On top of a small, red crate, on a platform where you can find Chief Arms Officer Voski, Crimson Base of Operations. Chief Arms Officer Voski is part of a quest “Important Personel”, part- Kill Chief Arms Officer Voski.




Chief Arms Officer Voski’s Personal Log


Galeras Deployment Day 22.

They should not have pushed me. I knew it was them. Making the noise. The buzzing, the screaming, the weeping. Gods, the screaming. Such agony, where never there should have been pain. Such darkness, where only light was meant to strike.

And the humming. But now… where is it? I thought it was inside them. I broke them, broke them open. The answer is me. The sound escaped. I still hear it. The
humming, the buzzing.

It is in me now. It is me now. And there is nothing left to break that will make it stop. Nothing but one thing. Only one way. One way to end it. The buzzing. It’s in the air, all the time, everywhere.

It stops now.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal