A New Arboria?

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Inside house with Weaponsmith Raska (Weapon Vendor), Eastern Sylvan Glade, Celestion.

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A New Arboria?


By “Matria Greenbloom”

Why do I write under a false name? Why indeed? Could it be because there is still so much conflict among our people, so long after we made the choice to abandon our homeworld? After SHE made the decision for us all?

And who asked our young queen to make that call for every last Aurin on Arboria? Was it you? Was it me? What about her own consort, Arwick Redleaf? Is it not common knowledge that her own
knight would have chosen to stay and fight rather than turn tail and run for the stars? For this place?

And what is this place? Can it ever truly be Arboria? How can one even ask such a question? How could any Aurin, no matter how much pressure she had to endure, say such a thing? Yet did not our own queen do so upon setting foot on this world? Is not Nexus to be our “New Arboria”?

And who is this Queen Myala? Is she to be trusted?
Could she not be an agent of the very enemy who even now devastates our world? Our true world? And who am I? Am I truly a matria?

Is that even important? For right now, I am but an Aurin with questions… and precious few answers.

— “Matria Greenbloom”

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal