A Carnivore’s Dilemma


On ground, in northern part of Strain Tunnels cave. You can enter this cave in eastern Corrupted Installation Teleporter.


Strain Tunnels entrance.


Southern Grimvault

Southern Grimvault

A Carnivore’s Dilemma


Chef Kozorok’s Cook Log – Grimvault Day 003

Supplies are already a concern, and food supplies most of all. I must investigate the Strain life forms in the area as a source of food. To this end, I have procured a few small portions from corpses left on the field of battle.

Feasting on the battlefield was once an powerful tradition among my people, but since the Draken swore to follow the emperor, some of these old ways have fallen by the wayside.
Yet are we not hunters? Even I, the humble cook, even I most of all. And this Strainflesh, it is simply another ingredient to cook. And while I, like all Draken, prefer my meat to be on the raw side, I shall cook this Strainflesh as thoroughly as possible. I am taking no chances. I shall report on its culinary properties as soon as I am finished with this repast.

Chef Kozorok’s Cook Log – Grimvault Day 004

So far, so good. The Strainflesh has a peculiar tang.
It tastes of…darkness. Suffering. Rage. Longing. Terror. Death. But I shall be its master. The Strainflesh will not master me.

Chef Kozorok’s Cook Log – Grimvault Day 005

Kozorok eat. Kozorok kill. Kozorok hunt. Fear Kozorok. Kozorok serves the Entity now. But small. Part. Of Kozorok…survives. Will not spread this to others. The Entity commands. But Kozorok fights. Kozorok will die. Die a Draken!

[This datalog is covered in traces of Draken blood tainted by Strain particles. There is no corpse nearby, however. It appears that Chef Kozorok’s attempt to defeat his enemy – and himself – failed in bloody fashion. But perhaps his last words can convince other chefs to avoid cooking with Strainflesh in the future.]

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Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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