Rare Mobs in Malgrave

While adventuring through Malgrave, players will come across 7 rare mobs. After defeating all rares, you will complete achievement “I like it rare: Malgrave” listed under Achievement » Kill » Malgrave. In the table below, you’ll find the list of all rare mobs available in Malgrave zone, their spawn locations, and possible loot.

Stonegut Rare Mob in Malgrave
Coordinates: 1451, 3359
Level 41, 126k HP, a large turtle. Like any other type of this creature it has an instant telegraphs and melee attacks. If you keep moving in circle around the mob, you can avoid all his telegraphs and soak only melee damage. This shouldn’t make a problem, as he tends to cast telegraphs more often. You can burst him down without healing potions.
Savageclaw Rare Mob in Malgrave
Coordinates: 1270, 3756
Level 42, 111k HP, a powerful rare mob. He has strong melee attacks and telegraphs. Keep circling around him to avoid his powerful melee telegraphs. He also tends to jump onto player’s location with ability Undermine.
Grug the Executioner
Grug the Executioner Rare Mob in Malgrave
Coordinates: 2962, 4382
Level 43, 96k HP, 28k Shield, an extremely strong melee rare mob. The thing that makes him special compared to other rare mobs, is his ability Bolstering Shout. This ability empowers him with buff Bolstering Shout, and increases his Assault/Support Power by 50% and/or Entagler Shield that snares all attackers. Keep in mind that his frontal melee cleave Magma Flurry makes huge amount of damage even without Bolstering Shout, and you can easily die if you are not careful enough. He can be also found in close vicinity of other enemies in Swindler’s End, thus clearing up the area around him might be a smart idea.
Blightfang Rare Mob in Malgrave
Coordinates: 1576, 3152
Level 44, 123k HP. You can’t easily defeat him, and you have to move all the time because of his telegraphs like Savage Shred (frontal cone), Vortex Surge (instant circle telegraph around him), Double Leap Shift (range circle telegraph), Super Spin Cycle (massive circle spinning aoe telegraph) and etc.
Basher Grogek
Basher Grogek Rare Mob in Malgrave
BlasterCoordinates: 2391, 3054
Level 45, 114k HP, strong melee rare mob. He has two devastating melee telegraphs: Fowl Blitz (frontal cone) and Rush Down (frontal charge). You don’t have to move all the time during the fight, and you can defeat him without healing yourself.
Flame-Binder Trovin
Flame-Binder Trovin Rare Mob in Malgrave
Coordinates: 2390, 3633
Level 46, 129k HP, strong range rare mob. When Flame-Binder Trovin doesn’t cast auto attacks Arcane Bolts (magic damage), he drops ranged telegraph Erupting Fissure (large number of small circles). These attacks become more powerful when he empowers himself with Superheated buff that increases his assault/support power by 30%.
Queen Tizzet
Queen Tizzet Rare Mob in Malgrave
Dizzy Tizzy
Dizzy Tizzy
Coordinates: 2720, 3486
Level 45, 132k HP, a mean nasty bee. It is hard to notice this rare mob, because he patrols high in the air. In order to attack him you have to follow him, until he comes close to the ground where you can actually engage him in combat. In order to avoid his telegraphs successfully, you should defeat all nearby creatures and make additional space for the fight.