Goldensun Aura Guide (or how to get a shiny character)

Goldesun Aura Effects
Welcome to the second installment of our Adventuring through Wildstar series of articles. Today we will talk about a very special event that takes place in Whitevale, level 22-28 zone for both factions. This frozen wonderland has many surprises. There is a lake in the middle of the zone which has adventures both under water as well as on a floating barge high up above the lake. There are Elden secrets to be solved and Prime Metal Maw to be defeated (world boss of the zone). What turned out the most unexpected surprise in this land is what we’re about to discuss!

Goldensun Aura is a buff that you receive when you use the item Goldensun Essence. This buff makes your character have a golden shine around it! Sometimes, in rare occasions, it makes the items that you wear appear made out of gold.

Special thanks to FearlessLeader from guild LoVE Lords of Nexus (server Eko – EU) for his information and generous time helping me find Goldensun Dawngrazer.

How to get Goldensun Essence and Aura?

  1. In order to obtain this item, you must be a scientist or be grouped up with a scientist buddy.
  2. Scientist is needed to scan a very rare creature – Goldesnun Dawngrazer
  3. Goldensun Dawngrazer is located in Softsnow Meadows, northern Whitevale.
  4. This creature spawns exactly at 22:00 (10pm) SERVER TIME.
  5. In order to check server time type /time in your chat box. Seven in-game hours = 1 real time hour.
  6. When you finally find Goldensun Dawngrazer have your party member (or you) scan the creature with the Scan Bot.
  7. When you do this, Dawngrazer drops Goldensun Essence items and you can Vacuum Loot it into your inventory (by default – keyboard button “V”).
  8. Use Goldensun Essence on you or others to activate Goldensun Aura glow.
  9. This item can be used indefinitely but it has a 30 minute cooldown.
  10. Goldensun Auras can stack on one person many times, leading to a point where person with many auras is a walking light.
  11. You lose Goldensun Aura when you die. The same aura shines in dark places so you are basically a walking lantern at that point.
  12. Note: If you are on your way to obtain the Goldensun Essence, be sure not to have Goldensun Aura at the moment of scanning Goldensun Dawngrazer. It can bug out, leaving you without Goldensun Essence loot (and then waiting for another 3.5 hours for it to spawn again).