Wildstar Beta Key Giveaway

beta key giveaway

Although holiday season is behind us there is no reason not to give gifts and boy do we have some gifts for Wildstar fans. Thanks to great help from NCSoft and Carbine we are able to give away 15 Wildstar Beta keys that will grant you access to the ongoing beta of the game. This will give you the opportunity to see and test the game months before it is released. In addition to this main prize we decided to also give away a couple of Wildstar items we got during gaming conventions. This includes a size XXL hoodie with Wildstar logo on the back, Wildstar T-Shirt with a Granok on the front and a Wildstar mouse pad. Use the widget bellow to enter into the giveaway raffle.

Following our account on Twitter, liking our Facebook page or leaving a comment in the comment section bellow this article will each give you 1 entry into the raffle. Additionally, you can visit the Wildstar Action Set Builder tool we just launched and create a build for your future Wildstar character. Once you do that grab a permalink of the build and enter it into the widget bellow to get 2 extra entries into the raffle. Make sure you leave an email we can reach you through or that you follow us with accounts we can reach you through so we can get in touch if you win any of the prizes. None of the information provided this way will be made public by MMORPG Life.
We have contacted all our winners by mail and twitter accounts. Please check your Spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox!
Important Note: If the person that wins the prize does not reply within 24 hours of being announced a winner we will give the prize to the next in line.

Beta Key winners are:
Entry #928 Lucas
Entry #267 Nicky v.
Entry #6680 Piotr
Entry #10263 Knn
Entry #2183 Jolien
Entry #14745 Kristian S.
Entry #351 Hakan T.
Entry #14366 Andrejs K.
Entry #5319 Linus I.
Entry #2066 Morgan
Entry #14548 Sam F.
Entry #11453 Ryan L.
Entry #16615 tomer
Entry #15831 Dan A.
Entry #378 Joni V.
Hoodie winner: Entry #147 Jozef D.
T-shirt winner: Entry #3907 arshia
Mous Pad winner: Entry #7709 Luis R.

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In case you do not see the contest widget above here is the manual / plain text version:

You could win one per person per household of the following:

  • 15 x Beta Keys for Wildstar
  • Wildstar hoodie
  • Wildstar T-Shirt
  • Wildstar Mouse Pad

All you need to do to be entered and eligible is the following:

Follow us on Twitter at the account name @mmorpglife OR
“Like” us on our Facebook page OR
Leave a comment in the comment section bellow this article (remember to enter a valid email in the appropriate field) OR
Create a build in our Wildstar Talent Calculator and enter the link to that build in the widget above or leave it in the comments bellow (this gives you two raffle entries)

The Fine Print:

-If the person that wins the prize does not reply within 24 hours of being announced a winner we will give the prize to the next in line.

-As this contest is a public promotion you acknowledge the fact that your status as a winner will be used openly in public as part of wildstar.mmorpg-life.com website and MMORPG Life promotional activities.

-Winner will be chosen at random for all those who qualify.

– Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and any and all private information we might be provided with because of this contest will remain private and used only to ship your prize. There will be no sharing of information with any third party or for any reason at all.

-MMORPG Life contributors and their families are not eligible for this giveaway. Employees of NCSoft, Carbine Studios and their families are not eligible for this giveaway.

2,029 thoughts on “Wildstar Beta Key Giveaway

    1. Torqadias

      Yeah, not a fan of twitter so didnt get that one, but hopefully I still stand a good chance πŸ˜› Really wanna try out being a settler.

    2. Jori Honkanen

      Liked on Facebook and commented πŸ™‚ Would Love to get a key as the game looks and feels so unique, interesting and fun πŸ™‚ Good luck on the Giveaway to everyone! C U on Nexus.

    3. Valentin

      Wow, I’m so happy that there’s a giveaway. I’m really excited, especially for the PvP in Wildstar!

    4. John Pina

      Drasu123. Looking to get a key and own some scrubs in PvP. Can’t wait to check out my house. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. Hype train. POOT POOT.

    5. Siiggy

      First game I’m really exited about in in a looooong time! Looks fun, and that’s all a game should be about:)

      1. Donny

        I agree! I’m really trying my butt off to get into beta as I see this as the one good MMO on the horizon! Go WILDSTAR!

      1. zENJA

        Yes thats why i 5/5 of the entries score I hope I am lucky this time because Im just seeking a kick ass adventure thats what I love about this game.

    6. Rhock

      Same here. The thing I am looking forward to the most is the diversity in how you build your character to fit your playstyle.

    7. CursedByTheLaG

      I like new mmorpgs. It’d be really nice to test Wildstar in it’s early phase, when nothing is certain. πŸ™‚

    8. EndlessV0id

      This game is the purest example of what I want from a fresh MMORPG (for example: Good combat system, fresh questing, awesome paths system).

    9. TJ!

      Why do I want to play Wildstar. If I’m honest with myself, I think the biggest reason is that, when I was playing other mmo’s in the past, I made a lot of connections and new friends. Since I left world of warcraft, I’ve obviously seen a lot of those connections dissappate. Which sucks. After a couple of years in a house that was largely a negative impact on my life, I came home. Since then, i’ve lost even more friends due to being strapped for funds and being half an hour from my regular guys. Most of them don’t really want to go out of their way to come see me, which I understand. But what really makes me want to play another big MMO like this, and wildstar specifically, is I want to make new connections, and new friends. Have something familiar back in my jam. πŸ™‚

    10. Brendan

      Cant wait for Wildstar , Love the Adult humor , and the crafting is awesome , Will be playing a Medic to dish out those heals.

  1. Anders Olsen

    I’ve been looking forward for a chance like this! I really really hope I get a beta-key!
    Then me and my boyfriend will be able to get a look inside of Wildstar!

  2. Alexander Damm

    Wildstar looks like the fresh breath of air I’ve been waiting for since WoW started going stale on me. It looks like this’ll be my MMO, 2014

  3. Fredrick

    Anticipation rises among the wishes of a release. What I anticipate the most about the game is the fluent animations it seems to have, with emotes, combat, movement. It’s all in synergy and it looks sweet. I used to play WoW back when it first released, and I wanna be able to have the feeling of entering a world of adventure and fun, without the fact that dailies and weekly cap get to control that. I wish for a blazing fun adventure and in a way the next big one. Hopefully Wildstar will be exaxtly that, I’ve been waiting for a long time for a release or a playtest of this game. Hopefully I get to try it this time, game on felow rafflers, let’s make it good! πŸ˜€

  4. Steffen D

    I’ve been following the life of wildstar for over a year now, begging each release that this time, would be MY time. But no, I haven’t recieved a single key yet. Why should i get a key? I Simply love MMORPG Games, and i’ve stress tested this game, 2 weekends in december, and it was not a waste! WHAT A GAME. Can’t wait! The Characters (Especially the Chua as a Gunslinger!) are phenomonal! I love them! So I’ll just do what i’ve done for the past years, cross my fingers and hope to GOD that i get a key!


  5. Boris Lapouga

    I anticipate the most is the fresh way of fighting in MMO that WildStar introduces, being a veteran player in many MMO games and started to get tired of all the same approach, I think WildStar will give everyone a fresh start in this genre and with my experience in MMO i can be a good asset testing the game. I differentiate between playing in beta and testing the beta, and I will do the latter until the game releases.

  6. Sven

    Hi, just wanted to say it is great to see a giveaway, I am hihjly anticipating this title. The work i’ ve seen is promising and the humour you all have is great. I am really itching to try and play a new MMORPG again since alot of them just don’t bind me, I hope that Wildstar will and it is looking like it!

  7. Bart

    Hello all πŸ™‚
    I would like to get this key so much, so I will do everything what needed to get one guys… PLS PLS PLS!!!!!!

  8. May

    Why i need that betakey? If not i’ll rage so much i’ll HAVE to be a chua and can’t but go for world domination.

  9. Emil Brok

    Huge fan of Wildstar, been following the game since early beta… Love the humor and the universe that reminds me of Ratchet and Clank!

  10. Bartosz Kownacki

    I’m really excited about the combat system and I really want to dive into the stunning environment of planet Nexus. The visuals in the game are simply amazing. I believe the way an MMO looks is 50% of its succes. I really want the beta key because I believe Wildstar will be on the best MMO games ever created and I want to test it right away.

  11. Bobby

    I think the cartoonish style along with the telegraph system will give the artist a freedom to create that many other MMOs lack. So I am looking forward to all the interesting things the devs will come up with

  12. Steven Peacock

    Can has key plz? Seriously though, ive been looking forward to this game for a long time and now thats its drawing near release I cant help but jump on every single scrap of info!

  13. Jakob

    I’ve been wating for a great game for years… i’ve been signed up for beta since august 2013 ..
    Been told there was coming an open beta .. but still haven’t heard anything..

    I’ve just bought a brand new graphics card (msi geforce gtx 770) and bought a new power supply for my PC that can power the new graphics card.. sooo i hope to get a beta key to try my new hardware.. πŸ˜€

  14. Boris Kolar

    hi there…..thx for chance to get beta key…..i was in stress tests,all of them and i simply dont play any other game anymore coz i’m all in WILDSTAR…..played wow before and i can say now wow is good but compare to this game it suck….good job NCSoft…hope ill get key,if not ill wait till relese day…one way or another i will get my WILDSTAR….sorry for english….salute from Croatia

  15. Nina

    I am looking forward to exploring the entire planet Nexus! Taking part of everything that the game has to offer and the social MMO aspect πŸ™‚

  16. Tyldor

    I’m a hardcore MMORPGer, especially interested in the PvP of all MMORPGs. The Wildstar PvP system looks so awesome that I just nééd to get my hands on a key to test it out and I might be able to drag my whole guild in to try and make a statement in Wildstar PvP aswell as we’re doing right now in Guild Wars 2 WvW!

  17. Josh harkness

    Played a stress test weekend and got a taste of a dish I want a whole lot more of! Love the game and the direction it’s headed in, so awesome to be stoked for an MMO again!

  18. kingArixx

    Been following the games development avidly since early last year, still yet to get into the beta to check it out and would love the opportunity to. Great giveaway, good luck all.


  19. Christoffer Aarup

    Been looking forward to this game for so long πŸ˜€
    Cant wait to be a awsome Engineer blasting guys left, right and center !

  20. Lemmi

    My boyfriend said that if I don’t started play this game I don’t have sex. Okay, that was joke. πŸ˜€

  21. Mettman

    Oh boys, at the time i entered this give away, there were 666 entries. i hope that doesnt mean my chances are doomed :/

  22. zatsu

    Hoping for a top notch mmo, that i can play with my online mates i know for a decade πŸ™‚ We want to have a really good time in WildStar and think the game has the potential for us to have it!

  23. roebrt freeman

    I’m really looking to play this game in the future , sending feedback to the developers during the beta , while enjoying the game sounds great to me !

  24. Mads Christensen

    Hey its time to get some giveaways πŸ™‚ im looking forward to wildstar because it looks like the only fun game to play right now πŸ™‚

  25. witerzet

    Cant wait for this particular game. Its beem long time since I first saw Wildstar and after few gameplays Im sure Im gonna play this game with my girlfriend and my other friends. I tried to get some beta key but wasnt lucky enough so I hope this time will be different. Im old MMO player who spent 8 years in Lineage2, some time in Aion and more than a year in Tera Online so this key will help me improve my skills, give some feedback and enjoy amazing game.
    GAME ON players !

  26. Cosbabe

    I am really excited about WildStar – considering it is the first triple-A title in years that seems to get me thrilled even before launch! Very looking forward to playing, can not wait T_T

  27. RubΓ©n

    I really want to explore the beautiful world of Nexus and have fun with my friends in PvP and PvE!

  28. Mark Elliott

    Been looking forward to this game for ages, nice to something that’s a bit different.

    Be great to play it in beta and help make it an even more awesome game.

  29. Aranek

    γƒ½ΰΌΌΰΊˆΩ„ΝœΰΊˆΰΌ½οΎ‰ KEY or RIOT γƒ½ΰΌΌΰΊˆΩ„ΝœΰΊˆΰΌ½οΎ‰

  30. Pierre Meskes

    I luv this game so much, want to try the esper hybrid.
    Build like 3452563 versions in a builder

  31. Jeanette

    I’m so looking forward to trying out wildstar πŸ˜€ I’m gonna make an Esper and be the best healer ever xD

    1. Lallemand

      And if i win one key, you’re gonna make two guys happy with one key because my twin brother and i try to get one key for a while and we had the chance to play one stress test together, that was awesome, we wan’t to share lot of fun time again in this awesome game ! πŸ™‚ We played WoW for 7 years together when we were young ! We stop doing that after we know that WoW wasn’t for us anymore… But Wildstar will be, it’s sure !

  32. Johan HΓ₯kansson

    I want to to play this game because there are no sustainable games that I can play for more than a week without me getting bored and I am truly hoping this is IT.

  33. Kim Spillner

    I need a beta key because I already participated in various other MMO betas last year and was always very active on the forums to report bugs and glitches.

  34. Amanda

    Can’t wait to play WildStar! Hope I get into beta so I can get the feel of my future characters and go bug-hunting πŸ˜€

  35. ElChrisse

    Man i’m so hyped for this game.
    Totally hope it’s worth it but what I know until now is very promising πŸ™‚

    Hope to see you guys online when it launches ^^

  36. Lavish

    I’ve been waiting for Wildstar since I first heard about it a year ago or so.
    The play-style looks so awesome and the humour is just the greatest!

    I don’t think I should win more than any other MMORPG enthusiast, but I have played MMO’s for nearly a decade, so I should qualify πŸ™‚

    Good luck to everyone who participates !

  37. Rial

    I’d sure love to experience WildStar again. I had the pleasure of participating in a stress test and I very much like to support this game further.

  38. sanityislost

    Thanx for putting this up, not only do i get a shot at a beta key. Your site fricking rocks!

  39. yamin

    So I filled everything in, and even made a twitter account for it :D.
    well I really hope to get a wildstar beta key, I am very exited for the game because. I played a MMO for like 7 years but finaly got tired off it. Since I found wildstar online in august last year I am sold! The graphics are looking amazing and the combat is something I really love. Following all the live streams and really enjoying them, and when I watch them I get even more hyped for it to play.

  40. Nizzlenoff

    HI i really hope i win this πŸ™‚
    i have been waitng to get into the beta for a long time now with no luck πŸ™
    i have been spaming my F5 button for so many hours xD ty so much for giving the comunity a chans to get this epic game πŸ™‚

  41. Balu Fejes

    I anticipate the path system the most. I want to try out all the different paths and such.
    It would be really awesome to get a key

  42. Kasper Terp

    Hi i am the man with wildstar t-shirt, but no betakey, where is the right in the world!? πŸ˜€

  43. Mads

    I really need a key! I have been following this game since it was first announced! I will play it much more than most other people. I have a lot of free time, and a fast computer, so i will enjoy it as it should be! πŸ™‚

  44. Martin

    I would love to win a key, as Warhammer Online recently closed and I need a new MMO to spend my time in!

  45. Merope

    After trying the Action Set Builder tool it’s now even harder to decide which class I want to play o.O

  46. Nehez

    Man it would be extremly awesome to win the key, but knowing my luck i should not hype myself…well good luck to everyone and CONGRAZ to the upcoming winners πŸ™‚

  47. Pekka Nirkkonen

    What i expect most from Wildstar? Wanna explore the Nexus like no other and of course, PVP!!!

  48. Fadex

    I have been playin wow since vanilla and a few years ago I just got bored due to the lack of interesting content. Your game looks like vanilla wow except with better, cartoonish graphics and hopefully the same kind of raiding system. I would like to participate in the beta because… well, you know, spacecowboy op

  49. Leslaron

    I’m posting here because I’m apparently not as cynical as I thought. All hail the givers of the keys!

  50. Vixanne

    I want really badly to play Wildstar. I’ve been watching gameplays, character creating videos, official WildStar flicks for weeks now, sometimes a few times each. It’s a great game, but I’d like to see it with my own eyes. I don’t have money to buy a cat in a bag, and in my country I know that WildStar is going to be very expensive. If I’ll get the BETA key, I’ll be sure to play as long as I only can (I’ve got plenty of time anyway), to see how much this game has to offer. Than, when the game will be available to buy, I’ll be 100% sure if I’m going to buy it or not. It seems like a perfect game to spend time on, playing with my boyfriend and our friends. Doubt I’ll get the BETA key, but… it’s worth the shot!

  51. Daniel Hobley

    I am really looking forward to getting to know the lore behind the game as well as being able to once enjoy gaming with my girlfriend, she very much loves to play MMOs and WoW was the reason we got together in the first place :). Would love to get the feeling back again!

  52. shakhu

    I waaaaant to kick some ass!

    Waiting for a Beta invite since ever, but meh! No love, nothing! πŸ™

  53. RenΓ© Jeppesen

    Wildstar looks to be everything one could ever want in a good MMO, so I am very excitet for the chance to try it out for my self. I’ve been in a few betas for different games, and I absolutely love the rising focus on early access and customer input. I hope I will be given the chance to be a part of this process.
    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.

  54. Kiza

    Would be awesome if I could try out this new game before I buy it when it comes out <3! Can't wait πŸ˜€

  55. Patrick Andersen

    Because I am totally in love with this game, I love the lore, the art style, the humor and the gameplay i tried in the stress test, I couldn’t find a better mmo!!!!

  56. Andy Thurman

    Totally the player housing!!! I miss the massive creativity brought originally by star wars galaxies and I’ve wanted something with that level of customisation for ages!!

  57. twinklehood

    I’m hoping to get in like there’s no tomorrow. I have it all laid out, too:
    I’m going to be a Stalker! Or a Warrior.. No, definately stalker- no, warrior! We’ll get back to that one.

    My path is carved in rock though, Imma be a sciensettlexplorer. I can do that. Oh there’s soldier too..? Well, I’ll get back to this later, I guess.

    At least I’m pretty sure that I’m going to raid, when I’m not PvP’ing, or doing other things.

    I kinda want all of it.

    I need to buy me a dice.

  58. Thomas

    I’m looking forward to play the game. It just looks great and the dialogs in the movies are funny.

  59. Christian Krommes

    i am borred as hell.. and been walking from mmo to mmo.. and this is the only one htat i am actually excited for:D

  60. Waldblau

    I am awaiting this game since early information about it was published. Now I am soaking up every bit of information I can get. I will not miss such a cute sci-fi mmo and the earlier I am allowed to play it the earlier I will be happier than without playing it. *-*

  61. Pavils

    I first heard about the game from Kaeyi Dream and Martyn inthelittlewood. I watched their live-streams on it, and it looks awesome!

  62. Mateusz

    Wildstar looks like the fresh breath of air I’ve been waiting for since WoW started going stale on me. It looks like this’ll be my MMO, 2014 !!!!

  63. jonas

    I wait a key for this amazing game since One year now and me and my twin brother are very excited to play so if you give me only One key you can make 2 people happy today πŸ˜€

    And i miss te time of wow vanilla and his difficulties so i can’t wait to play wildstar with some diffuclties

  64. moepspecial

    i would like to see in which ways the game develops and if it takes the standards of mmorpgs to the next level!

  65. Mattias Karlsson

    I’ve been following Wildstar since the first announcement and Im very excited to test out the new path system. It sounds really awesome instead of lvling in the old traditional “hunt and kill” all the time. The free form target action combat is also something that brings your attention to the game. Of course I will help out to smash as many bugs as I can since its a beta invite! Most of all, I love the humour!

  66. Hysas

    I’m sooo looking forward to this game. Love the action oriented gaming style. This is something I have waited for with anticipation. Action style fighting ftw.

  67. Domenic Peter

    Hey guys didn’t know abaout this website befor the beta Contest. But it looks awesom!
    I would like to have a beta key so I can play finaly i game i Like again. All this other games out there are just no MMO or an MMO that i not interested in. Btw Love the site πŸ˜‰ Cya

  68. Kristoffer Edwardh

    What im looking forward to the most is the aiming system of spells and attacks in PvP. I would really like a beta key so i can start practice this.

  69. Lorgarn

    I don’t deserve a beta invite more than anyone else, but I’ve been applied for since the early beginning. Unfortunately for me, none of my group of gaming friends have been invited yet.

    As for Wildstar itself, I can’t wait to give it a go. I need a good MMO to sink my teeth into and Wildstar might be it.

    Thank you,

  70. Bili_Crazy

    Hey, guys! I’ve been lurking around the NC Soft website for a while (since I play Aion) and checking up on this game but I didn’t really get pumped up about it until a month ago. I suddenly got so into it that I watched all the videos on their channel in the hopes of glimpsing a bit of the magic (I was not disappointed). I look forward to sooo many things. I really can’t believe myself, because I do love mmorpg games but I have never in my life been so interested in one to such extend. The character creator is almost the most fun for me (I’m taking my education in art) but with this game I seem to look forward most to the things that I hate doing or don’t have any interest in in other games. I’m more of a PvE person myself, I don’t like the fighting because it makes me nervous and I’ve literally had no interest in Housing until I saw the Protostar flik. And yet here I am freaking out about the cool classes and the paths and the dungeons and just… asdjkfhg… The latest article about guilds really excited me because usually I don’t join ones since no one ever talks to me anyway and it made me hopeful. I’m also incredibly interested in the storytelling, OMG, I love the way Carbine have presented their game so far and I just can’t wait.

    I realize this is a very long post but none of my friends had any interest in hearing about my excitement (they always cut me off) so I just let it all spill out (and I’d just like to have the time to write in a more coherent and expanded way about all of the things I said and more) . Now I’ll go and play around with the Action Set Builder, who knows when I’ll get the chance to examine the cool skill sets again.

    Thanks for being patient with me πŸ™‚

  71. Pixpax

    I’m really looking forward to see this game beeing published.
    Doomsday theory: This will be the end of RL.

  72. Deavon

    Bring on the pain in the arena !!! HOOAH!

    CanΒ΄t stop drooling over the pvp streams so i guess that is testing my patience πŸ˜€

  73. Joel Larsson

    I would love to play this game, looks really awesome ! Got some great new mmorpg feature, want to test them

  74. Frup

    Really looking forward to Wildstar the game it’s self already has produced a really nice tight Knit community just through streams and forums ect. something that other recent MMO’s have lacked. Imo Community is what makes a successful MMO!

    Hope to see you all in game soon!


    Reply ↓

  75. Elizabeth Tipton

    I am so excited about this opportunity to receive a Beta Key. My husband has been following since the beginning and has gotten me hooked!! I am a healer class who is looking forward to all my different options to play along with my husband who is a tank!! #Healer4Life

  76. Andre Marklund

    I like this! Love to play some wildstar, though, I don’t like the facebook thing to get another chance, don’t like to share gamestuff to my non-gamers…

  77. Equen

    I hope i win a key, like most of you i’ve been following wildstar for quite a while. After having played Guild Wars 2 i realy need a new mmo. so let’s hope for the best πŸ˜€

  78. Rickard Nilsson

    Seems like a game with a well thought out combat system, hope I get to try it out. + for the cool graphics.

  79. Robert Potter

    I’m Really looking forward to a new mmorpg in general.. so board of everything on the market atm

  80. Lurifaks

    I’m looking forward to Wildstar because the devs are allways listening to the crowds of players and endgame i especially looking real good!

  81. Peter

    Oh I really hope it will be a fun game. Kind of been lacking lately in terms of MMOs. They all seemed to be something different completley forgetting about the primary purpose – enjoyment.

  82. Hareikan

    Gawd, looking forward to Wildstar so much… I was in the stress test, but I’ve yet to recieved any invite. >.<
    I think what I'm looking forward the most is just the housing and playing together with my friends. 's gonna be awesome, cupcake.

  83. Kyeoss

    Love everything about this game. The Dev’s constantly impress me with how much interaction with the community they have. Great Job for getting this together. Can’t wait to see you all in game

  84. h1lts

    Working offshore with 4 weeks off every now and then I need something to fill the dark days of winter. Wildstar-key would fit the bill just fine.

  85. Matthew

    Im looking forward to wildstar because I think it can rival WoW if devs keep listening to the community

  86. Djulka

    Hi, just wanted to say it is great to see a giveaway, I am highly anticipating this title. The work i’ ve seen is promising and the humour you all have is great. I am really itching to try and play a new MMORPG again since alot of them just don’t bind me, I hope that Wildstar will and it is looking like it!

  87. Apollo Haner

    Looking forward to this game in a big way! The constant teasing from watching others play is driving me wild.

  88. hene83

    I got to test the stress test and man it was ****ing awesome! After that i have just watched streams about it to ease the pain of waiting, but watching isn’t the same as playing so yea, GIEF KEY PLOX

  89. Jeroen Tuller

    This game just blows all other anticipated games away. Just watching #devspeak makes me want to play this game!
    And I love the subscriptions plans, very much like EVE (which is awesome) and I think it’ll work really well. Other then that, your own home with so many options will be an amazing feature I’m really looking forward to. Imo this is what other MMO’s have been seriously lacking. Doesn’t mather if you’re a serious PVE player or just a RP person, this will have something you’ll want. Really looking forward to playing it!

  90. Lauri Halla-aho

    I’ve been waiting for a fun, challenging MMO since I quit WoW pre-WotLK. So far everything I’ve seen about the game’s been just right for me. I want to get into the beta so I could learn how to heal my friends that’ll pick up the game on release.

  91. Delaravel

    No interested in any other mmo that is coming out, and don’t wanna start one that is out for some years, so this seems to be the best choice.

  92. nullCore

    Been waiting for this game for years and years, ever since it’s first trailer.
    I’m really pumped up for the stalker class, it seems really really well done.

  93. Michael

    i done it all and i cant wait to try out beta if im gettin so Luck to win .. but chanes are small so many ppl want in hehe keep up the good Work

  94. Lee

    Website bookmarked πŸ™‚

    Nice site with nice info (Now give me my key Plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss πŸ˜€ )

  95. Xarrac

    I hope to get picked πŸ˜‰ ….ItΒ΄s an awesome game and i canΒ΄t wait to play it….especially the PvP! πŸ™‚

  96. Ancelot182

    Ofc i should get a beta-key how can i shwo my awesoness! It should be possimpible (ye i like HIMYM too =D )

  97. dave cooper

    I would love a beta key to play wildstar because it is head and shoulders above anything else out there, Who cares about some old scrolls i want to get into nexus and kick some arse.

  98. Duchesse

    What an amazing community. Burned out on my other MMO because of the endless negativity :/

    Thank you for the giveaway, and regardless of the outcome, I am so excited for this game!!!

  99. Aliba

    At least a game with a lot high dose of humor! just cannot wait until i can test it and have a 100% fun!

    Best regards guys! πŸ˜‰

  100. BipolarParrot

    wow so many comments i wonder why? what i anticipate most? the humour, setting and crazy guild high-jinks, i can’t wait to land on nexus and start tearing the place up, and why should i be the one to win a key? my name, you could make this happy-sad parrot very very happy!

  101. Daxred

    I have been following wildstar for a long time πŸ™‚ PvP seems to be really interesting. Can’t wait to do some arena

  102. Stefan

    i cant wait for the pvp in this game. charge in with axe’s swinging or pewpew with them lazor beams ^^

  103. Øystein Rugaas

    I love wildstar because it brings a fresh image to the MMO genre and because the artstyle is completely amazing.

  104. TheGent

    My most anticipated aspect about Wildstar is the PvP involvement. This game will reach out to a huge variety of players either hardcore or just for something to do with friends. There is so much more to do in this game than the “elder content”. I love how involved the dev team is with the player base as well, I really hope they keep it up for months after release. I always lose interest in games when we stop seeing interation between players and the devs. “Remember, the devs are listening.” Let’s keep that true πŸ™‚

  105. alek

    Hope i win a beta key. I have just stress tested the game 1 time it was fun i enjoyed everymoment of it and i was so sad when the servers were off for the stress testers… that lucky beta winners countinued their adventure ! xD

  106. Defayer

    Give me the power to be the tankeyest support engineer ever πŸ˜€
    good luck to all!

  107. chronos

    in some sort of a depression , went to the doc:

    he prescribed me

    search something that enriches your life
    have something to do
    do more with friends
    think of my future


  108. NoxiouSHD

    Been following this game since the early stages and waiting for the new best game within MMORPG! This game has so much promise and amazing gameplay, would love to get my hands on the official closed-beta!

    1. Stephen

      …and also, I need a mouse mat… I am using a maths text book just now and the cover is starting to wear away.

  109. Anthony Austwick

    I am super excited to try out housing and Warplots myself. LAS with action gameplay is pretty super cool too.

  110. Philippe Van Vynckt

    Been following Wildstar since very start, love the setting, the character it clearly has and would love to be able to play and help test the game to make it the best it can be!

  111. Mantas Rouwn

    I want to get the beta key and beat Aurin in PvP
    Do quests with Chua and Granok in beauty place like Algoroc
    With Mordesh fight against Draken and kill Mechari in the end
    Take all the humans from Exile and fight the Cassians until they die
    Nexus will be safe and free but now i need that #%$@! * key ! πŸ™‚

  112. Gamerdad

    Allright here’s my +1 obligatory bolog post.
    All joking aside, I’vbe been looking forward to wildstar since the first e3 announcement and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Seems like the best way to spend time after the kids are asleep πŸ™‚

  113. HazzardX

    yeeeeeeeeah beta giveaway i rly want to get my to a beta key so i can meet again my awesome character so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease gimme a key xD

  114. Emil

    I would like a Beta key because my computer specifications are low and only high-end systems seems to get invited.

    Thank You everyone

  115. Timo1241

    I’ve been following this game and seeing in evolve since the first info came out. I follow you guys on twitter and if i had facebook i would like you guys for sure, i hope i win a beta key because i’ve been waiting so long, im a big fan and i would LOVE to experience the game myself!

  116. Derlux

    And here is my entry to the contest! With a pile of luck I will have something to do upcoming holiday !

  117. Jeefo

    You guys gonna kick ass compared to other upcoming mmos, keep up the good work! …and give me a key πŸ˜›

  118. Patrick Bunke

    I neeed to play this game !!!! i have been waiting for this for 1,5 year now, i must play it πŸ™‚ !!!

  119. Mik Stormkiller

    Well, I’ve done all I can here. Just need to keep my fingers crossed I can do what I do best. Beta test!

  120. AnthonGerb

    WildStar is the first MMO that is clost to WoW but is not WoW
    I LOVE the Paths is the best part and fun combo that a Warrior can be a Settler or a Esper Soldier all others games you can’t do that it is always Warrior +Soldier if the got that game type.
    I will make the Warrior +Settler and maby the Stalker +Scientist combo that i like but don’t makes no sense in a roleplaying game
    PS: Give a key PLZ

  121. Tim De Bra

    Realy hope i can get a key would love to test this game and provide feedback to the devs so it can be an MMO that surpasses the rest!!

  122. Beco1337

    I Really love to play this game, ever since I got my eyes on it around in summer I always wanted to try the game at! I have to bring it! γƒ½ΰΌΌΰΊˆΩ„ΝœΰΊˆΰΌ½οΎ‰ KEY or RIOT γƒ½ΰΌΌΰΊˆΩ„ΝœΰΊˆΰΌ½οΎ‰!!

  123. GaXinimm

    I really like the way this game is going, the devs have a god sense of how a good MMO should be, they are taking all the things we like about MMO’s and putting them in one single game. Really looking forward to be able to play this game.

  124. xSiffy

    Done all 4 exept the one from twitter since i don’t have it. I so badly want to play wildstar.. i fell in love with the Aurin the first time i saw them in the trailer! And i’ve been waiting for a great mmorpg to come for such a long time! Beta key i neeeed youuuuu!

  125. Opherium

    Woot! Beta chance! I would like a key because I want to play with my friends who are all a part of it!!!

  126. Kiath

    I would love to get beta key, because I’m the biggest fan of this game, I’ve readed every article , tweets, and watched the most of Wildstar’s live streams. I’m doing some arts with Wildstar aslo! I hope it’ll be me, I just hope I’ll get one key for myself. Thank you πŸ™‚

  127. aLL1e

    Waiting for wildstar, want to get the key so much, also its very cold in here, so i want the hoodie too :DDDDD

  128. Asger Skaaning


    I have been following the process of WildStar for quite some time now. I must say that I’m really looking forward the final game – Also I would be greatful to play the game in beta stage, and help improving the game. Personally I think the game have a lot of potential!

    Else keep up the good work!

    -Asger Kim Skaaning

  129. Grimmkill

    Been following this for just over a year now, not as long as some of course but I have been obsessed over this game since, I really hope I get a key or they start open beta soon, good luck everyone!

  130. I want a beta key

    I can’t wait to play this game! Shoutout to you guys for hosting the beta key giveaway!

  131. I want a beta key

    I can’t wait to play this game! Shoutout to you guys for hosting the beta key giveaway! Hope it lives up to the hype!

  132. Martin

    Well, I haven’t heard many people mention about playing a warrior which is the main class I am going to play. Also love the idea of the housing and large 40v40 pvp battles!

  133. Jernaben

    I think Wildstar got the best combat system ive seen in any mmo ive played. Also, I just love the graphics and humor in this game! I would love to try it out before release!

  134. Ben

    I’m really curious if this game brings what WOW brought us all those lovely years!? Is this going to be the next big MMO, I truly hope so! Missed raiding, falling asleep behind my PC, zombified by a game. Awesome!

  135. tarkamo

    Wildstar is first MMO since WoW that I have really high hopes for, dropped “wowkillers” like GW2, TOR, Rift before they even left the beta…

  136. Simon Skinner

    I really really really really hope I get picked, I’m so excited for the chance to see the game develop.

  137. Prides

    Engineer, warrior, stalker, medic arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh can’t decide which class….. Please help me decide by getting in this beta, I need to sleep again as want this game now πŸ™‚

  138. koulis

    i made a bet with a friend…saying that his warrior could win everyone…i am here to prove him wrong

  139. Lukasz Szymanski

    C’on guys I am waiting for beta key for months. Hope i will get on of them!:) Good luck to all of you!

  140. Shoora

    I’ve lost the drive to play WoW, and so did my friend. She barely logs in now, and I need another game to have 12+ hours conversations with her again

  141. Roxann

    Can’t decide between stalker and engineer. Who knows though maybe I’ll surprise myself and will be best at something else. Never know unless I try πŸ˜‰

  142. NikoVitano

    I’m looking forward to play DPS Medic! I really like the whole design of the class, but I did not had the chance to play it so far unfortunately!


    p.s. I like the builder it’s nice and clean! Will be nice if we can switch the powers on the bottom bar as well (for now you can only arrange them in the order you have picked them up)

    I hope to see the AMP’s as well soon. Keep up the good work!

  143. prodiii

    Cant wait to try this fun game. Hoping for something fresh finally.
    Commented and followed on facebook πŸ™‚ Good luck to all.

  144. Cage

    I like the game because the combat looks really promising. Now I just need to know, what the actual content will be like.

  145. Kristoffer

    Currently looking for a game that can fulfill that void of fresh exploration that only MMOs can fill

  146. Chiffarius

    I would be simply happy to be a part of Wildstar beta, because i cannot wait to try all the awesomness of this game. You wanna know why? Let me tell you.
    1) Talking Devs. Yea, that’s a big thing for me, because instead of playing with something rubish (for me it’s UI problems, always), you act in a conversation and make it as intuitive as possible. You can’t please everyone, sure. But fans will be grateful when the first wave of “WOW, THIS GAME ROGGGS!” effect dies out and people get more critical of it. That’s just win-win for everyone, marketing included. And that feel of being a part of people who can decide on some aspects of the game (not only because we would pay for it) feels great.
    2) Playing mage seems like fun, because i’m pretty sure i can, AT LAST, be a glass cannon and still kill solo those mobs who are ment for group play.
    3) Housing? Yes, i always have that nugging feel when i play an MMO and it has housing but everything else in that game is.. just.. unfun. So far from what i seen, i think i even can have some great expirience inviting my wife to furniture “our” house. And tools for that are already quite flexible.
    4) Subscribtion fee is an annoyance, but i believe it’s too a Win-Win situation for players with subscribtion scroll market. Because it’s a way to avoid money transfers and possible scums to controlable limits.
    5) Small pokifurry balls of rage? Yea, i’ll gladly hunt them all down playing on Exile side. Or those Mordesh guys. Beh, scary stuff!

  147. Wojciech Ratajczak

    I’m following Wildstar since first news about it. This game really impressed me and i would like to try it out. I also bought new PC cause my old one wouldn’t run it!

  148. Chuck Fetterhoff

    Can’t wait for the social and community aspect of Wildstar. I miss the glory days of community based MMOs like City of Heroes!

  149. Bobbo

    this game seem to have grate potensial if the Beta testes do there job right. after betatesting 4 defferent MMO’s no counter wow expansions i hope i can get a key πŸ™‚

  150. doblea9

    It’s time to kick the ass of all the Dominion!! Glory to the Exiles and glory to the Sheep Queen!!!

  151. RickyRoss

    Oh, you want my thoughts on β€œWildstar Beta Key Giveaway”?
    I think you know what I’m here for, just as desperate as any other MMORPG fan out there πŸ™‚
    I hope there’s a key for me!

  152. Aragmor

    I am just a little blogger. After Archeage RU and Blade and Soul China I just want to test next game. If you can help me with that it will be great. Especially for community because I will spread a word about game and your site.

  153. 13crows

    I like the builder; are we really only limited to 41 ability tier points? That’s nothing. I hope AMPs provide more opportunity for diversity and .. oomph. If I’m laying with the exact same magic missiles at max level in raids as when I first get them, that’s going to suck.

  154. Miron

    i saw trailer and i think that Wildstar can be the best Game 2014 Year.I wanna make sure that i not mistake..I Hope for a Beta Key ! πŸ˜‰

  155. Kireek

    Looking really forward to Wildstar! Main reason why i am bothering to myself in 1 beta atleast! May it better live up to its hype! Than The Elder Scrolls Online Beta did….

  156. Lostnoch

    Hi, my first purpose to want a beta key is because i want to be a youtuber, and to be a youtuber you need to bring new things to your channel, so if i win this beta key i will be really happy to me and my people that will subscribe to my channel in youtube, another thing is that I really want to play this game, and i would like to win one, thanks for this beta key giveaway

  157. Stian

    I hope I win the beta key so I can try out Wildstar so I can go around to my friends and confirm that it will be as good as I think it will be. as I think I am starting to get on their nerves with saying how good I “know” it will be πŸ˜€

  158. Christer BjΓ€rving

    im so bored and really really looking forward for this game. hope i get the beta and i can see it with my own eyes and help out. 2 good things.

  159. Ish

    I’ve been jonesing for a decent mmo for a while now and this one looks awesome, hope i get a key ^_^

  160. him0ra

    Been a fan of MMOs before WoW even came out, recently enjoyed TERA and Guild Wars 2 with it’s unique non tab targeting combat system, would like to give Wildstar a try as well.

  161. Umut

    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€ γ€€ ∧__∧
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€ γ€€( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°) <( pls beta key)
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€(぀ οΎ‰
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€ (γƒŽ
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€(βŒ’ βŒ’γƒ½γ€€γ€€γ€€/
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€ οΌˆβ€™βŒ’γ€€;γ€€βŒ’γ€€γ€€γ€€::βŒ’γ€€γ€€οΌ‰
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€οΌˆΒ΄γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€οΌ‰γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€::: ) /
    γ€€γ€€ γ€€οΌγ€€οΌˆγ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ‚γ€€γ€€γƒΎγ€€δΈΆγ€€γ€€γ‚½γ€€β”€

  162. Ryan Howard

    Hello, I am interested in winning the beta key because I am a mature active player with a large history and experience with mmo’s. I consider myself a gamer and I hope to be professional someday. I feel that you should pick me because I can help find bugs (I play a lot), and get an early start on progressing my own experience in wildstar. (I play a lot). If you do not chose me I wouldn’t be offended, but I think i am a good choice! Maybe I can even help you out if you have a few questions for me after I play for a week in or so. Thanks a lot, “Shiverquiver” Ryan Howard (:

  163. joe

    I really hope I get it, my girlfriend got into the beta at the start of the month and I still haven’t received a key yet.

  164. therealsira

    im pretty bored at the time and would love to have a game to dump my time into and give some constructive feedback about πŸ™‚
    also i love lvling in mmos, so most are an instawin for me anyway, but i’m really excited about the pathsystem – i’ll be an explorer first

  165. Denny Degenkolb

    I realy love the telegraph fighting system and looking forward to some good use of it in pvp. Also i like that raid content will target the more hardcore players and therefore be challanging. waiting for this game since 2011 would be really happy to get a beta key and help make the game better.

  166. Rebekah

    I am really hoping to get a beta key before my husband does so I can keep up my streak of receiving keys to every game we play together before he does.

  167. HeinousTugboat

    WildStar hits all the right buttons for me, from crafting to raiding to being a support player and a guild leader.

  168. bobthecrop

    Oh yeah, I am going to enjoy this game so much, I’ve played WoW for 7 years, but even with their new expansion coming, Wildstar is so interesting and so awesome looking! Really I can’t wait till I get into this game, either when I buy it when it’s out or if I get a beta key before that, but to me it seems like a game of skill, and thus a beta key to get into the Wildstar game feel before the adventure truly begins, would be so amazing!


  169. VioTrio

    I commented in the action build set(which was AWESOME!!!!!) by wrong πŸ˜€ but anyways, I can’t say more than i believe this game would be the one of all games, after all what i watched from trailers/live streams/dev speaks/streamers including zybak,realblankspace…etc, in my opinion the last missing ring to complete the necklace of mmorpg chain. Played a lot,seen a lot, never got hyped since vanilla WoW until i found wildstar, i wish you all the best and GL with your game that hopefully it becomes mine too…last but not least i wish for a beta key, i believe i got an awesome build for the spellslinger as a dps in pvp/pve wise,can’t wait to test it,though the class is kinda difficult to play with (which is interesting,makes me kinda unique if i master it)…thnx and sorry for writing alot.

  170. Christopher Theriaque

    This game looks pretty amazing. im excited to see how this all feels ingame base don the information ive seen of the game. i want to get into the beta to bug test and make this the best it could be for launch and get a feel for the game so i can splurge to my friends and make them play with me! I wonder if wildstar will have a collectors box edition?

  171. Japi

    This is gonna be rough fight, so many entries!
    What I hope that if not me then someone else who has been registered for beta ever since from the start will recieve key. It sucks for us that people singing up few weeks or months ago got in but some of us, faithful all the way from the start, haven’t got in πŸ™

  172. Dainius

    I want an beta key, becouse i want to try this amzing looking game and find some friends online and get as much fun as possible πŸ™‚

  173. Qvintus

    Gonna be a blast when ever getting access to this game, may it be Beta or not. Really looking forward to trying this out!

  174. Linas

    Been waiting for Wildstar for a long time already, can’t wait to finally play it! Looks like a great game, I’m very excited about it. Good luck in the contest everyone.

  175. Joshuanne

    I’ll wear that hoodie like a dog wears its coat. I don’t even care. You should let me have one!

  176. Stanislav84

    I am really looking forward to play this game…. i just can’t wait to try it out. I hope there will be an open beta too soon.

  177. Rikjee

    Because I’ve been playing and loving mmo’s my entire life and I sure shouldn’t miss out on this one

  178. Shroock

    I already have a plan what to do if I get key. I will move my comp in Bathroom and place fridge right next to it. While sitting on toilet and having excellent supply of food and drinks, I will be able to play 24/7.

  179. Velaza

    I love the community for this game. I was in the IRC chat the night we found the hoverboard video after the Warrior DevSpeak video. That was the most fun I’ve had in an MMO in a very long time.. and I wasn’t even in the game. If that’s any indication of how Wildstar will be, I can’t get in fast enough. A beta key would be awesome.

  180. Elias Papadopoulos

    Beta Key Beta Key Beta Key Beta Key Beta Key Beta Key Beta Key! (Was i convincing enough?:P)

  181. LeoTheSeal

    Cant wait for this game to lainch so I can get back onto the MMO-scene πŸ™‚

    From what I’ve seen it’ll be the best one released in ages and I wish I could get into the beta to give it a swing beforehand and maybe even find a bug or two so they can fix em’ up before launch!

  182. Ryzoo

    I’m following Wildstar since ever and no beta invite is making me sick. Let the hell froze, Riders ride and me play WS.
    Brofist !

  183. lukas106pol

    I’m thinking of buying this game but i don’t know if it’s as good as it looks that why i want a beta key.

  184. Grumpa

    God, i want this so bad, it is the first promissing mmorpg i have seen in a long time. Finally one that does not focus on the grim dark reality-like graphic system, where everyone is caught up in misery, and you are their saviour. These guys do the right thing, a light and pleasent looking world with a fantastic humorous touch.

  185. Rhoarke

    I’d love a key simply because of the fact that I have been eyeing this game for so long, I’m basically already addicted to it before it even came out! πŸ˜€

  186. Zirax

    Look at all these comments! The chance that I will win a key, are slim, so I don’t bet on winning one, but it’s worth the try.
    But I really love the game, got to test it when I was at dreamhack winter and the gameplay just felt right at home with me, been eagerly hoping for a beta key ever since (I did before hand aswell, but not as much as I do now)

  187. ludvig mattsson

    I cant wait to play and test this game, i havent been this exited about a game in a long long time.

  188. Bo Christensen

    Just WOW!

    After a mate of mine introduced this game to me I was just blown away. I have been searching for a new MMO that challenges me. PVP, PvE and the combat system is just great, I cant wait to see more. The aspect of you have to work hard to get the good gear EVERYONE wants is just awesome, no free handouts or paytowin methods here. This game promises SO much and just to be able to betatest this baby would be an honor!

    Stalker – Never know what hit em!

  189. MichaΕ‚ Szurman

    O God dammit ! I must take this Wildstar beta-key beacause i saw gameplay and ss and i must play this awsome game (propably) . <3

  190. Mederic

    I can’t wait to play the game ! I wasn’t so excited about a game from years ! I know i’m unlucky but maybe it will turn soon πŸ˜€

  191. Comrade Chin

    I really hope I get a beta key.Been looking forward to this game for a long long time!Lets Get Lucky!

  192. BlackTigerz

    Well i thing this will be a vary great year for wildstar to show off all it has in store for us
    never been so happy about a MMO before but this will blow my mind!
    so wish all luck for a beta key and i sure hope i get one my self ^^

  193. Valdrakath

    Been following the game for months now, enjoying what little the NDA allows to show on streams but still anxiously waiting to see some proper PVE end-game content. Yes, im a 40 man raid fan πŸ˜›

    Gogo Wildstar!

  194. Burnedraven

    seems a bit of a long shot looking at how many people want in but dont try dont get i suppose πŸ™‚

  195. Fennri

    I want Wildstar Beta Key, cause i never had a chance to play this awesome game. I liked the dynamic from the very first video I watched. I just hope, i can be lucky and win beta-key. Take care !

  196. Thoroe

    Really looking forward to digging into all the features and awesome style of Wildstar, hopefully i can be of use as a beta tester.

    Good luck to all

  197. Elliot Hansson

    God damn this is awesome thanks for doing the giveaway. I really have no reason over anyone else on here but I have followed wildstar since 2012. Thanks again!

  198. Gulliks

    I would like a key, so that I can get to know this awesome game some more and try to push some of this awesomeness over to my friends. Theyre not convinced by this game yet :-/

  199. sebeks24

    Hi! I really wanna play Wildstar because its the best game ever made πŸ™‚ Poland respects You guys !

  200. Jovan T

    cant wait to trz it out,it sems to me that this game is so much fun and i like it so far from yt videos and streams.

  201. Jurgen

    I need the key because i am way too bored. And those two stress test teasers made want it even more >.<

  202. Ken Igaki

    I’ve been waiting for an MMO that isn’t set in some medieval fantasy world without taking itself too seriously.

    Pretty much the only MMO I have my eyes set on at the moment.

  203. forkless

    Seldomly posted internet trite
    For an early accessing right
    Hoping for Wildstar
    Gleaming afar
    Dear website,

  204. Derpnina

    Been stalking this game since…seems like forever.
    Really can’t wait to play it. I’m excited about the Stalker and Spellslinger.
    I’d like to try it out, report any bugs, help make the game as awesome as it will and should be. πŸ™‚

  205. Philip

    Had my eyes on this game for quite a while. Looks fantastic, and I love the ideas behind the different paths.

  206. Archill

    I look forward to the raids and dungeons with the unique action combat and monster mechanics, it really looks like a awesome experience.
    Cant wait till the game comes out.

  207. Benjamin

    I wanna be the very best gunslinger, like no one ever was.
    To get a beta key is my real test, to play the game is my cause.
    I will travel across the land, searching far and wide,
    Teach the Devs the Understand, the power that’s inside

    Wildstar… gotta catch a key
    I’t you and me
    I know it’s my destiny
    Wildstar… Oh you’re my best friend
    In a game world i must defend
    Wildstar…. gotta catch a key
    A heart so true– Our courage will pull us through
    You give me a betakey and i”ll teach you
    Gotta catch a key
    Gotta catch a Key

  208. Umez

    FINALLY a mmo that has is all, a good combat system, exploring, humor, great artstyle. I’m already addicted and I can’t even play yet!

  209. ufukerdogmus

    I can’t wait to raid and heal with medic… I just love the idea of being in the front lines and healing at the same time.

  210. Luis Ramos

    The thing I must expect the most about Wildstar is the 40-man Raids! I’m not the hardcore gamer one needs to be to get to those raids, but the simple fact that they exist makes me want to play the game! Also, the scientist path is going to be the most awesome thing, since I love to know more about the world that I’m playing in (and Nexus and the Elder race seem to be full of misteries and lore to be discovered ^^

    I should be the one winning the beta key because I’ve been following this game for almost two years! I’m going to be the most judicious player, trying to have fun and also find those pesky bugs hehe


  211. Jannik Nilsson

    Got to try out the stresstest, and I can still hear the cries of my lonely engineer late at night. Please let me see him again!

  212. Paul Dean

    I can’t wait to be a stalker tank, it’s always been my dream to tank be able to tank as a rogue/stealth/thief type character, it’s like they picked the perfect class out of my brain! =D

  213. Paul van Gils

    i would like to win a beta key because i love the game so far. and because i can then start to try and print some character on my 3d printer. i’m planning on making a kind of action figure with moveable parts and such. and ingame gives me much more info then from screenshots and fan art

  214. Zorish

    Well. I realy want to see new age of mmo games… and Hope that wildstar will be from them. I can’t tell why i must win key, cause it will sound stupidly anyway, But i just want to see how this game is going! (Tired from game “which-name-can’t-be-said” already… Gaming world need something new till we got absolute virtuality :D)

  215. Freemind0

    Liked you on facebook, following you on tweeted and commented here. Also doing the set builder on ur wildstar life website.

  216. Rawkk

    I’d love to get this beta key/swag.

    I want to do anything I can to help this game take off and be amazing, I’ve already got 4 friends foaming at the mouth for this game just telling them about the features.

    We plan to start a PvP guild and have a hell of a good time stomping some Dominion scum!

    -Rawkk the Granok Medic.

  217. Diabloykz

    I’ve got really high hopes for this game and really am looking forward to play in the beta and give feedbacks to wildstar’s devs.

  218. Andreas Christos Kalogridis

    The new era of one of the greatest MMORPG will come with Wildstar !!! i must see the contents !!!

  219. Roeli

    it’s nice to see there are so many entries! That’s what eventually ‘makes’ the game when it’s going live. Why I deserve a key? Girlgamer here!

  220. rhuarcc

    so great you guys do this, hope ill be one of the lucky people to enjoy it to the fullest πŸ™‚

  221. Mellibelle

    Greetings! <—– lady gamer here! I'd love to have a go at this and explore the fun of Wildstar! Please send a wittle key of fun to me! <3

  222. Markus Mattfolk Stenberg

    Oh yes, I hope to get it! I’m really looking forward to try out the raid content!

  223. Orthiad

    I really hope to get in. I want to test out the housing system and in other MMO’s i’ve been busy with explorering and I would so like to try out how this works in WildStar. I want to test this so badly and love how they managed to create a nice battle system!

  224. mike hardwick

    cant wait to play this game with friends as we have been looking forward to it for a long time

  225. Calion

    There are many features of Wildstar I’m looking forward to. One of the best are the 40 player-raids which will be mindblowing! πŸ˜€

  226. Eirik Solvang

    I am a Norwegian game-reporter and review games and such on a weekly basis. Our team is called Game Elite, and is starting up a show on Agderposten’s website. (One of Norway’s biggest and top-earning papers.) They have an income of around 500 million Norwegian kr. With one of the beta-keys we can insure you of a couple of new people turning interested in your game, and thus giving you a profit, and I am also very hyped about the game, so I would love to get a beta-key as well.
    Your faithfully, Renphis from Game Elite.

  227. Alan Salazar

    I’m hella excited for this mmorpg. The way it incorporates so many great aspects about gaming into this platform is truly worth of praise. The killing will be really satisfying πŸ˜€ (sounds sketchy as XD)

  228. ShadowForge838

    made a twitter and facebook account just to have a little bit bigger chance to get to play this fantastic game sooner

  229. Lethonien

    Best upcoming MMO, with proper housing, social part, and fun combat πŸ™‚ count me in and send me a beta key πŸ™‚

  230. Troels MΓΈller Thygesen

    Have been following Wildstar for a long time and would like to join the beta test. Cya in-game some time.

  231. CosmicUnicornPanda

    Wildstar looks sooooo cool and I cant wait to kill every thing!!!!!! I think ill problebly be a spell slinger

  232. svirf

    Cause I really like it and stuff, and I have nothing to play. Losing on on sc2 ladder makes me sad, I’m suspecting Wildstar will make me jolly!

  233. Levi

    I’ve been waiting on a key for a while now, and this game looks hella fun. Not saying that that means I need one, but I’d really appreciate one.

  234. lars

    i love to play this game i’m in from the day they first annouched it
    can’t wait to play spellslinger /scientist and run around in de wolrd of nexus

  235. Arriz

    I’m most looking forward to the very diverse things to do, most mmo’s just focus on one or maybe 2 things, this has a ton of stuff.

  236. Elkyries

    What i am looking forward the most are the additional path’s like settler and explorer to see what this changes in MMO’s. Other than that the Crown Control changes seem very amusing and add a element of humor and challange!

  237. RainToes

    I’m excited to fly around on the hoverboard. All of the streamers make it look incredible!
    It reminds me of Treasure Planet, as does most of this game and I loved that movie when I was little.
    I can’t wait to explore all that Nexus has to offer! πŸ™‚

  238. Jason

    Looking forward to the release of WS more than I have with any other MMO in years! I have very high hopes for this Carbine don’t let us down ^_^

    Now gief beta key plox! πŸ˜›
    Don’t make me say… why u no gief meh beta key! >_<

  239. Lukas

    My little bro just got brain surgery and loves the look of the game.
    I want to make his day and get it for him


  240. Idunn Brokke

    Can’t wait for wildstar to come out, so glad to see and read about everyone else who also is eager for wildstar to release.

  241. Villiam Rydfalk

    I miss running about with my friends and family kicking ass with awesome abilities and looking cool with my epic gear. Wildstar is looking promising. I hope I win so I can start that group with my university buddies, my sister, my father and most likely my mother. Since I am studying I have less time to spend with my parents and they suggested starting an MMO together, Wildstar specifically. But since it is not out yet it is unclear, so would be nice to get a sneak-peak so I can relay that info to them and get things going.

    “A family that slays together, stays together. “

  242. cbw

    Let’s face it. Lots of players start beta testing, try it for a couple of weeks and give up. I’m gonna stick with you all the way through release and then some. I’ve played a great many mmo’s since my first (Everquest 1) and I’m always on the look out for a game that grips me from day one. I’ve been griped with Wildstar since the youtube trailers started on the scene. Being part of the Nintendo generation, Wildstar has hit home offering a unique blend of graphics, humour and story. I’d really like to contribute getting this game as perfect as it can be for mainstream release, testing the game content by running through thoroughly.
    Picking up a game upon release, everyone knows that there will be bugs and problems. Narrowing these down is the role of beta testing and I’ll be doing just that.

  243. Amber

    I have been hoping for a beta key for nearly a year. Thank you for giving me a chance to get one through your giveaway!

  244. Anton Hedlund

    5/5 steps done! i just hope & wish to win anything related to Wildstar, ofc i want to key as most!
    I just love this game, love everything i have seen & heard about it, i’ve been folowing it for 2 years now, i stopped play all other mmo’s just because of this one, and i hope that it holds up & can be the game we all want it 2 be! πŸ˜€
    Thanks to all that have made this contest possible & goodluck to all ! πŸ˜€
    Cheers / Treff Aka Anton.

  245. caxias

    I’m anticipating the combat,it will help me with my twitch response. I’m sure I can talk my guild into joining once the game goes live even though it’s pay to play.

  246. Vaidenasi

    Can not wait to try this game out, I hope it will be fun enough to comepete with WoW. I ahe stopped playing WOW few years ago and promised only to come back when the player models are updated :).

  247. Vengeful_Divine

    I’m really anticipating the combat, but even more so I can’t wait to see all the customization options! : )

  248. Ordnaxx

    Hmmm… It is a very good question. Why I should win? but Why not? πŸ˜›
    I think, I should win because I really waiting for this game and I love such games. I love MMORPGs!!
    I played WoW and GW2 and for me Wildstar is a such mix of this games, they take best of this two games and create Wildstar which will be a perfect game! So thats why I should win πŸ˜‰ I hope I will convince you πŸ˜€

  249. Daniil

    I was waiting long enough.
    My wife and me can’t wait to explore planet Nexus and the world of Wild Star in general.

  250. Twysten

    Highly looking forward to this great looking game. Also hoping for a beta key to get in and help bust some bugs, as well as check out all the awesome!

  251. Ivrit

    I’ve been following the wildstar development since the very first video has been shown. Now a chance to look what the future holds for us (mmo gamers) would be sweet. If i would be given such chance i’d definately try to test the game to the max and contribute to make it better with my continuous feedback (the devs are listetning!)

  252. CannonZephyr

    engineer PvE skill build.
    Flack Cannon walk n’ shoot

    Pro: good DPS, large attack area, constantly attacking so easier to aim, mobile when attacking, good deflect (what ever that is..), decent volatility gain, a few crowd control skills, balanced bots.
    Con: dodge break Flak Cannon channel (though flak cannon’s cast will take only 50% time after fist use), mobility may be not good enough for PvP.

  253. Trespia

    I’d really like a beta key because I’m so excited about this MMO, been looking a lot of videos / blogs about it, and I can’t wait to play it! I’d love to give feedback on it, write blog posts about it in the future etc πŸ™‚

  254. Daniel Evans

    Would love a beta key because I am just really looking forward to try the game out. It looks awesome!

  255. KeelanM

    Been hyped for this game for a very long time. It’s being released at the perfect time to take the MMO throne.

  256. tykonn

    The only MMO I’m currently interested in. I’m the type of person who WOULD play MMOs, but rarely do because most of them are set in a medieval fantasy lore which doesn’t exactly appeal to me; or 2serious4me like EVE Online.

    TERA I picked up for a while because of its combat system; incredibly dull questing system and unbalanced elitist PvP endgame which only catered to players who had been playing nonstop for years though which is why it didn’t keep me particularly hooked.

    As of recent been playing games like Starbound, Starforge (not so much)… you game devs like putting the word “star” in your games don’t you?

    Brb playing Super Star Fighter Ultra HD Extreme Tournament Edition.

  257. FrancisT800

    I’m mostly looking forward to Player Housing very few MMO’s have this feature, so I can’t wait to have my future spellslinger just kick back and relax in his very own Protostar provided abode!
    Long live the EXILES!

    1. Ethid

      Now then, what I am anticipating most out of wild star is trying out the classes to be honest. I really like how a lot of them look in the teaser promotional videos, and would love to try them out for myself. I want to try to see what sort of skills I enjoy the most out of each, and how the different builds work together!

  258. TheMaverickq

    I cant wait for the game. I love those games that look very colorful. Come on guys, i have a bday in a week. Make my wish come true πŸ˜‰

  259. HorvΓ‘th DΓ‘vid

    Hi, i really like MMORPG’s. And wildstar looks amazing, interesting, and something new…. new that i want to try, want to play realy hard. There are soo much cool things in this game that i have never seen. Please give me a chance πŸ˜‰

  260. Scotion

    I would like to recieve a key because i like NCSoft games so much since i started playing L2 5 years ago.

  261. Frntxx

    I can’t wait to see what the elder game is like and am really looking forward to getting back into large scale 40-man raids!

  262. Stefan Saegull

    I cant wait to play this game, have been following it for a while now and it keeps getting more awesome by the week!

  263. allen bradshaw

    ive been interested in this game for years now when i first heard about it maybe one day i will be lucky enough to be in the beta

  264. Anfiza

    Hopeless try to enter this beta ! Following this game since so long and didn’t even got a stress test invite πŸ™

  265. Lukas

    Wildstar is the only MMORPG I’m looking forward too….tired of WoW and stuff…need this incredible game asap πŸ˜€

  266. raskrial

    why i should win a beta key ? because i’m following this game since the beginning and i’m really active in the community with press streams on twitter. i’m one who gonna develop and work for the community because i like to develop add-ons and custom UI.

    can’t wait to play wildstar for the PVE progression. i’m an hardcore mmo player who like challenges.

  267. Xellinus

    Seriously though: I’m a coder geek so I’m really looking forward to getting a head start on some UI code work. Looking forward to pumping those out.

  268. fabian rivero

    looking foward a lot for this game ^^ jake and daxter and ratchet and clank were some of my most fav games, and this one reminds me a lot to them, besides the gameplay looks very entertaining and i like how they are planing to give it a lot of end game content, wich most newest mmos lack

  269. Jonathan

    I can’t wait for this game! it looks brilliant. So many people trying… but i can’t lose hope. Fingers crossed

  270. Sol

    I’ve been waiting for beta since announcement and have since not gotten a key, I hope this game will destroy my love for guild wars 2

  271. Ohlme

    Looking forward to an MMO that feels like its going to be very special in a lot of ways. Anticipation for something to rock my world like the first time I logged into World of Warcraft.

  272. Seraphex

    This game has been in my sights since it’s first apperance, and right away i knew that I would love to get my hands on it. I quit playing WoW in hopes of a new and fresh MMO to step up and take the reins and this game has got more potential than any other that I have seen. This would also be a great game for me to cover and provide videos for and also livestream. I hope that i could get a beta key so that I could get a head start on being able to provide content for this future MMO.

  273. bgseak

    Hi i want this beta key to test the wildstar beta to see if got some bugs : questing, pvp , zones, housing ,skills , dungeons ,battle grounds. If i can get chance to be invite for WildStar beta i will be so happy . TY !!

  274. Benko

    This is my last time for any game that I’m doing giveaways. Signed 2-3 years ago for Wildstar got 0 invites, later signed on 3 more emails, got 0. If I won key now, it will be nice, if not, f*ck it, I don’t give a damn! But’s ok, they won’t my money, I guess…

  275. Ashardalon

    Ah, giveaways, what a great way to get a lot of support and a broader player base in exchange for a few items. I’m not trying to sound negative, I like it, puts a bit of thrill in there. Now my twitter is full of WildStar news and I’m loving. Good luck to those who win, myself included! Also I love how I can already make a build, it’s helping me greatly prepare for my Aurin Spellslinger.

  276. jerad c

    i completely think i should get a beta key due to being in Australia and knowing the team at carbine could do with feedback on latency and so on.. cant hurt can it?

  277. Ateley

    Completly anxyous about Wildstar, looking forward for an amazing launch and a strong mmo for years to come!

  278. anunnaki23

    No excuse!! I too am not a fan of twitter however I reactivated my one man band account and followed you guys! CanΒ΄t wait to test WildStar with a good community!

  279. Flyri

    If there ever was one person that really deserved the key…. NOT! Seriously though… where’s my key at!?

  280. Zaiya

    I’ve been watching Wildstar since the very first video hit the internet and it had a purple ‘bunnycat’ in it. I wanted to be a purple bunnycat! Ever since then I’ve been sharing the videos with my mates that I play mmo’s with every week. I’ve signed on to the fan sites, listened to several podcasts, and watched every Wildstar Wednesday with anticipation.

    I didn’t get invited to the first beta even though I signed up the DAY that beta sign up was opened. I watched them shut beta down and revamp several parts of the game. This last month I’ve been watching all the press streams, until my eyes BLED and banged my head against the desk several times when I heard a press member say, “So is this game in SPACE?” I am suffering from severe fan fatigue at this point and just want IN. I want the game to release more than I want to test but I’ll test my sweet Aurin tail off if it means I get to spend time in Wildstar! HIRE ME! I’ll help test the 40 mans!! I’ll even PVP if that’s what you need done! /tapdance

  281. Michael Almeida

    I have tried quite a few mmo betas before like: World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2… but being part of WildStar beta would be awesome cause I have a great feeling that I will find a new home. The game has at least 2 things that will keep players interested: The great combat system and being just plain FUN! I believe that the Carbine Studio team will make sure that the elder game will be top notch to give a good reason for players to stay and enjoy their time in Nexus πŸ™‚

  282. maxwell

    Im in love with the art style, the idea of the medic, a mid range caster that can heal and do damage is my ideal class.. the housing is baws and i will poop my pants if i get a key.. dats my reason =F

  283. sguzaski

    Looking forward to testing out wildstar! Have been a die hard MMO fan for over a decade and this looks like its shaping up to be one of the best. Can’t wait to dive in!

  284. Ghaskamin

    Pretty awesome giveaway, I must say! Wouldn’t mind getting a beta key, but at the same time I know the game will be awesome enough to be worth waiting for. That does not stop me from wanting an invite, though :3

    Good luck, everyone!

  285. Alex Chisar

    I cant wait for the stalker because i love doing tons of burst damage which will be great to top dps meters because i always want to be the strongest and love pve. I cant wait for the 40 man raids either because thats what i loved back in the day for wow. Also i really wish i could get a beta key because I love giving feedback and have always been a part of betas for other mmorpgs.

    1. Whojoo

      Think Stalker will also have a great value in PvP with bursting down healers. Though I hope I’m wrong or else I’ll be in some huge trouble πŸ˜›

  286. ColouRz

    Been waiting for wildstar for sooo long, been glued to every competition and drip of info for ages!

  287. Jacob Wilson

    I would love to get my hands on a beta-key, just so that I can play it and not have to hear how amazing it is from my personal friends. Help me play this game with my friends!

  288. Bandit

    Would be nice to get a beta key though i am sure it wont happen, i never win at these raffles! lol

  289. Wan

    Everything about this game seems so well thought through, even the amazing plans for player housing! πŸ˜€

  290. Crystal

    I can’t wait to try out everything in this game, but I am especially excited about the housing aspect! Thank you for the chance to snag the highly coveted wildstar beta key!

  291. Martin Svensson

    I’m really excited for wildstar even though it won’t be a “WoW-killer” as many are speaking about I think it will do good on the market.

  292. Leigh

    This game looks fantastic, would be a privilege to help shape it into the masterpiece it is so destined to be.

  293. cheeese

    This game looks so hilarious and fun to play! I love how it’s making fun from other games but also from itself! Can’t wait for WildStar πŸ™‚

  294. Sirzechs

    I know I’ll play this game when it releases but I want to see it for myself before everyone else does.

  295. Jmarch

    Oh my god I can’t even tell you how hard I’ve been trying to get in on the beta of this game. I’ve been following it for quite some time now, and all I want to do is be immersed in it. This game will be my first subscription based mmo, as I finally believe in what it’s going to bring to the table. I believe in Carbine and all the guys that had their hand at creating this game, I just want to get in there and try it out, see if I can help in any way before the game is released!

  296. William Hirst

    I really am looking forward to the build diversity of teams, and the uniqueness of each player due to the transmutation system.
    Also, the subscription model seems really interesting, along with the 2 allegiances.

  297. Andreas Jonasson

    This is the only game I Have been looking forward to since Star wars Galaxies. cant wait to play it

  298. Foobar

    I’ve been playing MMO’s for about 14 years now. Last few years have been really hard for the MMO industry, now with Wildstar we can look forward to a game which will finally turn things around.

    I feel like this is one of the last opportunities we will get to make this game successful or we will leave a gap for many more years to come without a great MMO we all love to play.

    I like to contribute to making Wildstar the succes we’re all looking for. πŸ˜‰

  299. OutlawStars

    I’d love to win because I want to try the game out before I start my new job in January! I’ve got a week to kill and I’m worried I won’t have the time to full explore and decided if I want to buy the game afterwards (while if I try before I start might job and enjoy I may as well buy it to play at my leisure!)

  300. Kryst

    This game looks like it will scratch my MMO-itch on so many right levels: elder game, player housing, war plots, and the humour is amazing.

    Really looking forward to it !

  301. Elkieo

    I am REALLY looking forward to this game, I hope I get chosen for the Beta key so I can get started in the action! πŸ™‚

  302. Lassi

    I am balls deep in love with this game. Can’t wait for the release. Stalker and engineer are gonna rock my world!

  303. Kettunen

    Pleace release quickly. Each day without Wildstar is agony from now on! πŸ™‚ All the char streams are out. Looking forward for the further streams!!

  304. darkreptile@gmail.com

    Waiting for a good mmo to come around again, have a feeling this is going to be it.!

  305. Lennart

    Free…free…free..free…We come all when it’s free :D. Well same for me :D. I need a key :P!

  306. Steffen

    I hope i get a key, because when i played the stress test, it was the most fun i’ve had in a long time in a mmorpg

  307. Erik

    Really looking forward to playing Wildstar. Looks like it will bring back som of that good old MMO feel =)

  308. FatalSaint

    Good luck to everyone in the drawing!
    Why should I win? Well, to me WildStar looks like the only MMO for a very long time to really live up to their promises, and I sure would like to have a go at it before retail.

  309. James Wilson

    Most looking forward to something new and visually engaging. Enough with the dull as dishwater mmos that look so miserable and downbeat.

  310. Zaphrael

    Really looking forward to the open beta (if there is one) but a key to try it now would make my year πŸ™‚
    I’ve been following the game for a long time with no luck on a beta key yet and everything I’ve seen has built on my eagerness to try this game.

  311. Arthonor

    I’m good ad finding errors and would like to give my feedback to carbine.
    Can’t w8 to explore Nexus, like everyone else ofc.

  312. StevenLomas666

    I have been waiting for this game for 38 years, I’m just so glad they decided to make it for me! I also love to beta test and do not just want to play but contribute!

  313. Niveera

    No need to comment on why I need a key for this game.. It’s just pure awesome with awesomesauce on top!

  314. Thomas Klode

    I’m looking forward to this game, know it might be a weak comparison, but believe this could justify the feel of the action combat from the Kingdom Hearts games. Besides that, thank you very much for supplying us with an insightful Action Set builder, I enjoyed that :D!

  315. Pirschjager

    Looking forward to playing FireflyPlusMagicTheGame… I mean “WildStar” because… well, it’s Firefly (the TV show) plus elements of magic. Pretty awesome combo. Not to mention the great / hilarious community at Carbine keeping connected with fans throughout the process. It’s been a pretty amazing journey, just watching this world developing before our eyes. Looking forward to joining the community on Nexus… Oh and #TeamPappy!

  316. AlteredBuzzard

    I’ve looked forword to Wildstar ever since Kaeyi talked about it on her Youtube channel πŸ™‚

  317. SilentDanger

    Wildstar looks really cool and I like the science fiction theme. The landscape and the graphics are also nice. Getting a key for this game would give me an opportunity to play and test this game.

  318. sauilini

    i always enter give away’s and always hope to win, this time is no different. i entered to join beta since the beginning but nothing yet

  319. FPSViking

    I want this beta key so bad. Half of my Wildstar Guild is in the beta but I’m stuck making graphics for the guild.

  320. Yippie

    Liked you on FB and sent in a build. Would you be so kind to send me a beta key for my birthday? I’m turning 30 this year πŸ™‚

  321. Ratero

    I’m really looking forward to this game. I filled out the LAS information and just waiting on “approval”.
    Good luck to everyone…. but not as much luck as I will need to win a key :D.


  322. John

    Woot! Good luck to everyone, I hope to win and see all yall in the beta! Absolutely cannot wait for this glorious game to be available!

  323. Kenan Sancak

    I have just finished university – despite my WoW addiction. I’m tired of WoW and have quit it for 4 months now. I’m READY for a new MMORPG. I tried several (Rift, GW2, SWOTR) but they don’t interest me (ESO doesn’t interest me either). I want to play Wildstar. I have so much free time but no MMORPG to play…

  324. Spleenzorio

    I’m still undecided about which class I want to tank as, so playing the beta would let me test out what I like and dislike about each. Also I’d like to be able to help find any issues or bugs in the game before it’s released.

  325. François Houlbrèque

    Hello there,

    Thank you for giving us a chance to get a key.

    Anyway, I am surprised you use this kind of little applet. I don’t like to share things like that.

    Kind regards.

    1. Serge Post author

      We thought this ensures that it will work for most visitors and gives a chance to register follows on twitter and facebook. Is there a particular reason why not to use such widget?

  326. eduardo

    played alot and i do say alot of mmorpg’s. The longest mmorpg i played was ofcourse WoW, for 6 years. since Vanilla till WOTLK. from then on been playing lots of different ones and didnt set on them as long as wow or close to it. Wildstar to me looks so promising with the cartoon like setting and funny acting! the combat gameplay aswell as the pvp and immersive character builds look so much fun. hope and i truly hope i can get to play wildstar before it comes out!

  327. nikolaj1998

    well what I anticipate the most about wildstar is the fighting the making new friends part and ofcourse all the major swag awesomeness and explosions I also look forward to creating my character and beating up random stuff and I also look forward to explore nexus and find all sorts of stuff

  328. Max

    I think that this is what i`ve looking for years!!!
    But i can choose between scientist or settler paths though.

  329. Aegnora

    Fan of wildstar from nearly day 1, i don’t especially deserve a key more than anyone, but i’ll sure make the best use of it.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  330. Mankestift

    Awesome game, can’t wait till it’s released. Beta key or not, I am planning to buy this game with a couple of friends. Would be great to have the opportunity to peek into Nexus before they do. Keep on the good work