Unusual Capabilities

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Find and jump in a gap in central part of The Nursery. Datacube is hidden in western part of the new area.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Unusual Capabilities


Elyona: Order of the Evokers


Drusera’s training is proceeding incredibly well, and she has already grasped the most advanced disciplines in evocation seemingly without effort. It is almost as if she were born with the inherent knowledge, as if the six were somehow instructing her subconsciously. Of course, Vorion has told me that this is impossible given the technicalities of her creation. But still, I feel as if something… unusual is happening within her mind.

For my part, I find myself becoming increasingly fond of her. She confronts her new existence with a sense of expectation and wonder, despite the oppressive surroundings of this facility. I can find no flaw in her, no malice or pettiness. She is indeed perfect in every way.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube