The Laws of the Sword


Tresyane Toria: Blademother of the Torine Sisterhood

The Eldan and their infernal machines. Why I agreed to the Pell’s request to record my thoughts on these datacubes, I will never know. Still, I suppose that there is some value in preserving the history of the Sisterhood here in our most sacred sanctuary. I will do my best not to lose patience.
For almost two-thousand years, I, Tresayne Toria, have lived upon this planet. Brought here by the Eldan, and preserved by the power of the Focus of Life, these jungles have become my home. By the laws of the sword did I live my life as a Cassian Swordmaiden, and it is by those same laws that my Torine Sisters have defended the Goddess Vitara since I swore my life to her long ago. This sanctuary is holy ground to the Sisterhood, and serves to remind us of our eternal duty.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube