System Fractures

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Inside of Essential Reactor Room. You get teleported into this Reactor Room as you walk above the large, green platform at this point of map. Quest that leads you here is “A Taste of Augmentation”, part- Explore the Essential Access Column. Datacube you are out for, is in the middle of this compound, next to a Safety Avatar.


Find and enter Essential Reactor Entrance.




DATACUBE ENTRY: System Fractures


Ionis: Order of the Watchers


The Caretaker construct created by the Makers is extremely impressive, but my observations into its creation have revealed what may be a serious design flaw. Although the size and scope of the Project requires that the Caretaker’s personality architecture supports multiple avatars working in concert, it also opens the possibility of fractures in the case of system failure. This could lead to unproductive, even violent competition between the avatars in certain circumstances.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube