Surface Sanctuary

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In front of a large Eldan statue, The Keeper’s Sanctuary area.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Surface Sanctuary


Ohmna: Order of the Progenitors


As Elyona trains and observes Drusera, I have been working with the Pell to prepare for the next phase of her development. We have designed this region to serve as her sanctuary on the planet’s surface, different in every way from the cold, scientific environment in which she has been confined below. These Pell have been ordered to serve and protect her with their lives, a duty that I am certain they will faithfully execute until they are instructed otherwise.

To this point, I have avoided interacting with Drusera, despite Elyona’s assurances that she is indeed everything that we had hoped she would be. I cannot say exactly why. Perhaps there is always fear when faced with the true expression of one’s deepest desires.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube