Remarkable Creature

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Inside the portal room in The northwestern Nursery. This room has a giant green teleportation pad that takes you to Scorchwing’s Landing where you can find Scorchwing (quest group 20+ creature).




DATACUBE ENTRY: Remarkable Creature


Elyona: Order of the Evokers


This is truly an exciting time! I have been tasked with observing and training Drusera – the Genesis Prime. Because her innate powers of creation are facilitated through an advanced form of evocation, it was only logical that one of the Evokers would be responsible for helping her reach her true potential.

I have only met her once, and she is indeed a remarkable creature. Blessed with intelligence, beauty, innocence, and virtually unlimited power, she is unquestionably the Eldan’s greatest accomplishment.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube