Prime Creation

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On top of a boulder, next to the large tree at the center of Grove of Hope.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Prime Creation


Drusera: The Genesis Prime


My Eldan creators have asked me to record some of my thoughts during my training, in order to better evaluate my overall development. They have explained very clearly just how important I am to them, and so I am happy to do this.

Today was incredible! For the first time, I was allowed on the surface of the planet, and saw the endless expanse of the sky. It was breathtaking. And then, with Elyona’s help, I was able to manifest a tree using only the power of my mind! It was only a sapling, just a small and fragile thing, but Elyona said to me that it represented the greatest event in all of recorded time. I was so proud! I can’t wait to continue my studies.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube