Plasmic Mutations

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In the most southern part of the Blackheart Hollow cave, just behind the quest objective mob Kaarg the Divine. Entrance to Blackhear Hollow is North from datacube map marked location. There is a Blackheart Hollow TALES: Rise of the Vindicator zone lore collectible at the start of this cave. Its location is marked on map.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Plasmic Mutations


Nazrek: Order of the Progenitors


The spread of Ohmna’s little Skeech across the planet is generally infuriating, but I must admit that their latest… evolution… has me intrigued. It seems their shamans have developed the ability to evoke explosive plasmic mutations, using the ground-up bones of sacrificial victims. Now that is the kind of pet that I could appreciate!

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube