Noxious Colony

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At the center of the Noxious Glade, west from Viridian Altar structure. This area has toxic air. You can run and grab this datacube fast and gamble with your life. If you want to be safe from the toxic air, grab a Dominion Hazmat Suit from Ingo Krup’s Camp south from the datacube location marked on map. You might need to complete a couple of missions for Chemist Ingo before he lets you use it.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Noxious Colony


Ionis: Order of the Watchers


As I feared, a number of subjects from the terminite experiment have escaped and established a colony directly beneath this power converter. The noxious gasses emitted from this hive are both poisonous and corrosive, rendering the unit unusable. Although trivial, this lapse in security and procedure is part of an alarming, continuing trend among the Orders.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube