Negative Consequences

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Found inside Transfusion Chamber. Inside Transfusion Chamber there are 8 green teleportation pads. 6 of them lead to Chamber of Elements where you kill elementals for quest Braving the Elements. The central and the largest one takes you to Elyona the Mad, objective of quest Descent into Madness. Also she drops an itemHeart of Elyona the Mad . This item starts the daily quest Mad Heart.

We would like to thank KRIGHTON for additional information.


Jump in gap, in central part of The Nursery.


Step on the teleportation pad.


In southern part of Nursery Checkpoint, step on an another teleportation pad…


… and the last teleportation pad in northern part of Nursery Observation Rooms.


In southern part of Transfusion Chamber…


… is the datacube.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Negative Consequences


Vorion: Order of the Makers


My analysis of the scientific data collected during the creation of the Genesis Prime has brought to light a number of inconsistencies that are both subtle and disturbing. Although Drusera herself seems to be without obvious flaw, the data indicates that certain design parameters were adjusted without my knowledge, just before the initiation of the Protoplasmic Resonator. I am attempting to ascertain the possible ramifications of such an adjustment, but the variables involved are improbably complex.
I can only hope that this development will not have negative consequences.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube

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  1. Krighton

    This would have been more useful with a location provided.

    So this datacube is only accessible in the Transfusion Chamber in Blighthaven. It’s part of the 5 man group quest From Genesis to Revelations. its behind a teleporter.

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