Manual Override

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On ground, in the Southwestern part of Engineering Sublevel Theta. Engineering Sublevel Theta is part of the Elder Vault. In order to reach Vault, you need to step over the large, green teleporter at the middle of a big, center platform. Appropriate quest might be needed. Quest that takes you here is “Enter the Station”, part- Use the Teleporter. Inside of the Elder Vault there are three teleporters that leads to three different Subzones. The one we are out for is full of Skeechs, and you can find the entrance to it west from the Caretaker. Quest that takes you here is “The Key to Power”, part- Take the Eldan Teleporter to Engineering Sublevel Theta.


Levian Bay

Levian Bay

DATACUBE ENTRY: Manual Override


Jariel: The Archon


I have requested that the Makers install a manual override for the Elder Cube’s security systems. Although such a crude technological solution is rarely necessary, it would be unforgivable if the information which describes our monumental achievement here on Nexus was rendered completely inaccessible due an unforeseen catastrophic event.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube