Elder Cube

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On ground, inside of The Elder Vault, behind the Caretaker. In order to reach Vault, you need to step over the large, green teleporter at the middle of a big, center platform. Appropriate quest might be needed. Quest that takes you here is “Enter the Station”, part- Use the Teleporter.


Levian Bay

Levian Bay



Ionis: Order of the Watchers


The Elder Cube is an extraordinary piece of technology – a storage device with almost limitless capacity, coupled with advanced cryptographical algorithms that are statistically impossible to decipher. For any other endeavor, such a device would be gratuitously exorbitant, but the vast quantities of data that we have compiled in the Nexus Project pushed even the Elder Cube to its limits. It must never fall into the wrong hands.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube

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