Dark Ruminations

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Inside the Fieldclaw Hollow cave, northeast of Cubig Farms; its northernmost part.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Dark Ruminations


Elyona: Order of the Evokers


I came here to spend a few moments alone, away from the others. But I must admit that the grisly collection of old bones here has put me in a dark mood. What stories would these creatures tell, had they not met their deaths here in the dark of these caverns? And what stories will our bones tell if we somehow meet an untimely demise?

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube

One thought on “Dark Ruminations

  1. Bob

    Can’t figure out how to link it to the map, but found it at the back of the cave where you find the prime cubig and his mate in the quest line “Cubig Quota Quandry.”

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