Behavioral Anomalies

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Jump in a gap at central part of The Nursery. Enter the portal that takes you to Nursery Checkpoint. In southern part of the new facility room, take the teleporter to Nursery Observation Rooms. Just before the first crossroad inside new facility room is the Datacube.

We would like to thank AUTUMN for additional information.


Find the gap.


Proceed to the first teleporter pad…


… and the second one.






DATACUBE ENTRY: Behavioral Anomalies


Elyona: Order of the Evokers


I do not wish to alarm the others, but I have begun to observe what I can only describe as… unusual behaviors in Drusera. I have been pushing her very hard in our most recent lessons, and I hope that these episodes are merely cerebral anomalies brought about by stress. I will keep these observations to myself for now. I would hate to burden the others with what I am hopeful will turn out to be baseless concerns.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube

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  1. autumn

    Found inside the Nursery. 2420 -6420
    Fall down the hole, take the teleporter, run past the caretaker to the next room, enter that teleporter there and follow the hallway. It will be on your left guarded by a prime enemy.

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