Artificial Intelligence

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In eastern part of Annihilator Control Room 14-A, the second floor. You can access Annihilator Control Room 14-A from a large, green teleportation plate. This plate is just west from the datacube location marked at map. At the bottom of the second floor you can find control console that you can use to get teleported to the datacube area. Quest that sends you here is “Last One In, Shut the Door”.


Find and enter Annihilator Control Room 14-A.


Annihilator Control Room 14-A entrance map location.


Step on an another teleporter pad.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Artificial Intelligence


Vorion: Order of the Makers


The Caretaker is one of my greatest creations, a fabricated sentience whose intelligence is almost without limit. Such power allows him to monitor and control all aspects of the Project simultaneously, although I do fear that a catastrophic event could lead to a critical fracturing of his personality core.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube