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Nexus Project


Jariel: The Archon


The time has finally come. As the Nexus Project begins, we embark on the greatest scientific experiment in the long history of our people. And if we are successful? Then we will have achieved what others have only dreamed of. We will have altered the destiny not just of the Eldan, but of the universe itself.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube

Galactic Explorer’s Handbook


[This book is very old and worn, smelling of ancient paper and faded ink.]

Galactic Explorer’s Handbook
Seventy-Third Edition; Dominion Press, 1654 AE

Chapter One: An Introduction to First Contact Protocols

For the galactic explorer, being the first individual to make contact with an alien species can be a most exciting endeavor. Indigenous beings should be treated with care until their level of sentience can be determined. If sentient, their culture must also be considered. Seemingly innocuous
actions on the part of the explorer can trigger dire consequences, brought on by the unwitting violation of alien taboos and customs.

Many galactic explorers have fallen prey to alien cultures through no great fault of their own. Invitations by such creatures, though seemingly friendly, must be considered carefully before the galactic explorer accepts them at face value. More than one extraterrestrial invitation to dinner has resulted in a galactic explorer being roasted, stewed alive, or eaten raw for
the pleasure of his hosts. It is your duty to tread carefully in such circumstances, lest you become a statistic.

Even non-sentient creatures can appear to possess some form of self-awareness and intellect. It cannot be stressed enough that speech and actions alone on the part of an alien creature cannot prove out its intelligence. Unless its sentience can be ascertained beyond a reasonable doubt, no alien species is entitled to rights under the Galactic Explorer’s Charter of 1438 AE. As such, they can
be displaced, relocated, or simply removed by any means necessary at the emperor’s whim.

At the end of the day, the galactic explorer must remember that his purpose is to serve the Cassian Empire in all things. To stake claim to a stellar body, be it an asteroid, a moon, or a planet, is to assign ownership of it to the emperor himself. Personal ownership and accomplishment, though hard-won by the successful galactic explorer, are the Emperor’s alone to mete out. Remain humble and loyal in your
travels, and understand that you are merely one small part of a larger whole.

(Handwritten in new ink are the words: “What tripe! I wonder if Zin’s got a copy of this claptrap on her nightstand? – DW”)

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal

Welcome Home, Exiles


This is it, Exiles: the planet I searched for my whole life, a world I found while on the brink of death. A wondrous place unlike any other, a planet that healed my wounds and sent me back to all of you with news of a place where our centuries of flight could finally end. I’m famed Exile explorer Dorian Walker, and I’d like to welcome you all to Nexus. Aurin, Granok, Mordesh, or human, we are all Exiles, united on this mighty arkship ready to make this place a home for all of us.

The planet Nexus is fu
ll of wonders and mysteries, dangers and demons of all stripes. When first you disembark, you –

Wait, what the dad-blazes? Let me see what you’re doin’ to my phraseology, slick. I ain’t in the mood for – aha! So you got some kinda fancy transcriberbot turnin’ my perfectly clear and concise advice into some fancypants nonsense, do ya? Well, cut it out, bucko, I ain’t gonna stand for it! You take down my words as I speak ’em clear, or don’t take ’em down at all.

Now that’s settled, sparky, I got a few
things about Nexus you need to know.
1 – It’s beyond the Fringe.
That means we’re out here past the edge of the known galaxy, buttercup. The planet’s in orbit around a wild star that’s far enough from the heart o’ civilization, as they say, that the Dommies can’t commit their entire military to conquerin’ the planet. That means we’re in a stalemate.
2 – Yeah, I know your time in cryo was short, but that don’t mean the Dommies got stupid in the meantime. When you turned in, ya mighta heard we wouldn’t le
t them find this place. That didn’t work out so well. We got a head start on ’em, but they’re still takin’ whole territories we ain’t even had time to explore yet. Good thing about that stalemate, eh?
3 – We weren’t the first ones here. I know that ain’t exactly news to anyone, best to get it out there for posterity. This here planet, Nexus was the home of the Eldan, a bunch’a old-fashioned godlike aliens what liked to turn planets into their toys. They terraformed the hell outta this place, we reckon, a
long time ago. There’s facilities and stations are all over the place, and get this – their blasted bots, or “constructs” as they’re called – they’re still workin’! That’s right! Ain’t nobody heard hide nor hair o’ them godlike alien bastards for centuries, but their constructs are workin’ same as always! Oh, and I reckon they’re likely to try and kill you or dissect you or both if you run into ’em at the wrong time.
You’re most likely landin’ in one of two places, hotshot: Thayd, where the Exiles have se
t up a capital o’ sorts protected by Granok mercs, or Everstar Grove, where the Aurin queen is lookin’ after a little piece of Arboria right here on Nexus. Also, Lazarin’s there, so watch your pets if you don’t want ’em used for his creepy Mordesh experiements. Love that guy.

Now that’s some advice. If you want to survive on this planet it’s gonna take all your guts, moxie, wits, and other pieces.

So good luck out there, crackerjack.

– Dorian Walker

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal

The Gambler’s Ruin Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations

List of collectibles

Name Type Map Faction
1. Adventure Awaits! Tales from Beyond the Fringe Exile
2. Arrival Destinations: Exile Territory Journal Exile
3. Bank Receipt Journal Exile
4. Captain’s Log Journal Exile
5. Comm Logs Journal Exile
6. Comm Logs Journal Exile
7. Cryonics and You! Journal Exile
8. DATACUBE ENTRY: Nexus Project Datacube Exile
9. Galactic Explorer’s Handbook Journal Exile
10. Medbot User’s Manual Journal Exile
11. Preventing Cryosickness Journal Exile
12. Tram Safety Guidelines Journal Exile
13. Welcome Home, Exiles Journal Exile