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Cryo Crisis


You’ve been awakened by Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay of the Gambler’s Ruin. Brightland has asked for your help in finding and reviving his wife, Sadie, before she falls victim to the arkship’s failing power system.

Cryo Crisis 128 Deadeye Brightland gives the quest.


1. Follow Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay

2. Activate the Main Power Generator Console in the Cryogenics Bay

3. Activate the Cryo Controls to free Sadie Brightland from her Cryo Controls in the Cryogenics Bay

4. Ride the tram to the Medbay

Cryo Crisis 132 Enter the marked area.


Speak to Victor Lazarin in the Medbay


  • 120XP
  • 80 Copper

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 1

Required Level: 1


Zone: The Gambler’s Ruin

Category: Zone – Exile Arkship – The Gambler’s Ruin