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Beyond the Reach of Memory


You have combined the Eldan leadership talisman with a Project: Legacy weapon, but The Caretaker is experiencing technical difficulties in the Datascape and is unable to assist you. By completing specific imbuement quests – “Hidden Files,” “Path Not Found,” “Data Recovery,” and “Splendid Execution” – you can aid him in recovering the data required to complete your weapon.


1. Complete the imbuement quest “Certification” by achieving “Stormchaser,” “Trogun Man,” “Like Starin’ at the Sun,” and “The Sound and the Fury”

2. Complete imbuement quests “Hidden Files,” “Path Not Found,” and “Data Recovery” in the Datascape

3. Complete the imbuement quest “Splendid Execution” in the Datascape


Return to the Undiscovered Panel and speak to The Caretaker in the Datascape Entry Hall


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 1

Required Level: 1


Category: Item Imbuements