FIRST STRIKE: Shaky Ground


Canimid are causing trouble at Excavation Site Alpha in Ellevar


The Canimid invasion of Bio-Mech Facility 498 has been successfully stalled!

Unlock Text

Canimid have begun burrowing up within the primary excavation site of Bio-Mech Facility 498. Should be no problem to put down.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Ellevar

Path: Soldier

Episode: Soldiering Through Ellevar


  1. X: -2976 Y: -2967 Z: -781
  2. X: -2984 Y: -2956 Z: -780
  3. X: -2978 Y: -2980 Z: -781
  4. X: -2966 Y: -2960 Z: -780