EXPERIMENTATION: Primal Engineering


Locate the Collegium Microscope within Toric’s Command Post


Nice work, Scientist.

Unlock Text

The sum of data gathered thus far requires testing. Use the Collegium Microscope inside Toric’s Command Post.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Ellevar

Path: Scientist

Episode: Examining Ellevar


  1. X: -2404 Y: -3533 Z: -780

3 thoughts on “EXPERIMENTATION: Primal Engineering

  1. OZtheWiZARD

    The equipment is in one of the houses. In the one with Toric Antevian in.
    I only unlocked this mission after doing “BIOLOGY: Ravenok Nesting Grounds”.
    I was missing two missions and Primal Engineering was the last mission I did so maybe you have to do it as the last one. I don’t know. I am pretty sure I was in this house before and the Microscope wasn’t highlighted before.
    Mission is a simple puzzle. I don’t remember the combination but it wasn’t anything super hard.

    1. Leon

      I can currently confirm that this quest is unlocked after I completed every other scientist mission in the area.

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