CARTOGRAPHY: Hijunga Village


Climb above Hijunga Village and place an Explorer beacon

_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Hijunga_Village_image_WildStar64_2014_05_17_11_45_54_314.jpg Climbing path starts here.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Hijunga_Village_image_WildStar64_2014_05_17_11_44_59_974.jpg Continues here.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Hijunga_Village_image_WildStar64_2014_05_17_11_45_18_209.jpg Carefully jump here.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Hijunga_Village_image_WildStar64_2014_05_17_11_45_43_964.jpg Hijunga Village Completion Location.


The new map data is being collated now. It will be transmitted to all Exile travelers near Hijunga Village soon.

Unlock Text

The Explorers Union wants to map an accurate layout of Hijunga Village and the surrounding area. The best place for this is near the top of Hijunga itself.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Zone: Celestion

Path: Explorer

Episode: Celestion – Explorer Mission