CACHE: Leviathan Datachrons


Recover Datachrons the Royal Collegium lost in a recent shipwreck


Nice to see you’re not afraid of a little muck. Good work, Settler.

Unlock Text

There is currently a finder’s fee for any Collegium Datachrons recovered from the crash site.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Deradune

Path: Settler

Episode: Project Cornerstone: The Taming of Deradune


  1. X: -5174 Y: 12 Z: -975

2 thoughts on “CACHE: Leviathan Datachrons

  1. Hitala

    To actually find a cache, do this:
    Use your F key to find and go to the nearest cache location.
    Once you are exactly on the spot, click the small arrow in the settler quest on the right side of your questtracker.
    A new window pops up saying you have reached your location with a button “Find”.
    Click the button and your char will start digging and finds the datacron.
    Your quest tracker updates …

  2. Hitala

    One more thing.
    When you press F key and are not very close to a cache, the direction indicator is red.
    When you are close, it changes to yellow and finally green.
    At the spot, the arrow disappears and an circle on the floor indicates the target location.
    At this point hover over the mission in quest tracker.

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