BOTANY: Weeping Bluepine


Scan the area around Webwood and Bio-Mech Facility 498 for Weeping Bluepines.


The sap of the Weeping Bluepine is a powerful psychotropic substance that resembles tears and causes feelings of overwhelming grief and despair.

Unlock Text

Initial readings of Ellevar have identified strange plants that have the ability to affect one’s mood. Scan the local flora and upload for analysis

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Ellevar

Path: Scientist

Episode: Examining Ellevar


  1. X: -2350 Y: -2807 Z: -711
  2. X: -2789 Y: -2845 Z: -757
  3. X: -3115 Y: -2965 Z: -787