BIOLOGY: Silverscale Hydrocrawlers


Scan Silverscale Hydrocrawlers for the Royal Collegium


Their core icosahedron has undergone extreme manipulations, undoubtedly at a high frequency. The Collegium will make excellent use of the information. Good work, Scientist.

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The Royal Collegium is studying hydronamic cell-splicing using advanced fusion of cybernetics components. We need detailed anatomical feedback on the Ikthian’s silverscale hydrocrawlers for a preliminary test case.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Whitevale

Path: Scientist

Episode: The Science of Whitevale


  1. X: 3947 Y: 858 Z: -934
  2. X: 3944 Y: 1180 Z: -906
  3. X: 3807 Y: 1319 Z: -930
  4. X: 4203 Y: 1114 Z: -883