ANALYSIS: Dregging Up the Past


Scan objects in the Dreg camp to learn more about their history


The Dreg have been here for thousands of years – killing everything that they saw, judging by the variety of bones.

Unlock Text

The bones and sinew construction of Dreg villages may offer some insight into their culture. Scan flammable bones, logs, and poles in the Dreg village.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Malgrave

Path: Scientist

Episode: Malgrave Scientist Mission


  1. X: 495 Y: 4075 Z: -973

3 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Dregging Up the Past

  1. Spacy

    Hover Craft (end of dock), water pump (555, 4030), pit (471, 4183). couldn’t find the other two after an hour of searching the really small area. Wonder if it is bugged or if burning down half the village in the quest is causing them to hide.

  2. Purehoney

    Bone Remnants 570, 4090 and the other at the far SW tip by some huts you burn. Those would be the missing 2 for your mission 🙂

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