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Found 1868 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Armored Shoulder Mounts50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Badge of Devastation50ShoulderMedium Armor4285
Big Data Harness50ShoulderHeavy Armor4285
Cloud Dancer Pauldrons50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Crystalline Multiphasic Shroud50ShoulderMedium Armor3499
Cypher of The Core50ShoulderMedium Armor4285
Cypher of the Purple Heart50ShoulderMedium Armor4285
Data Projectionist's Shroud50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Datacore Fissionist's Shoulder Guards50ShoulderMedium Armor3794
Datacore Fusionist's Shoulder Guards50ShoulderMedium Armor3794
Dynamic Onslaught Shoulder Plates50ShoulderHeavy Armor3499
Galactic Trinarymesh Shoulders50ShoulderHeavy Armor3499
Gloomclaw's Magniplate Spaulders50ShoulderHeavy Armor4285
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Pauldrons50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Gridrunner's Matrixed Pauldrons50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Gunslinger's Battleweave Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor3794
Gunslinger's Lightweave Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor3794
Hardened Carapace Shoulders50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Impenetrable Cover50ShoulderHeavy Armor4285
Intrusive Espernetic Shawl50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Invasive Biomimetic Shell50ShoulderMedium Armor3499
Life Domain Drape50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Mantle of Constructed Reality50ShoulderLight Armor3794
Mantle of Corrupted Reality50ShoulderLight Armor3794
Matrixed Shoulder Guards50ShoulderLight Armor4285
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Exhausts50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Mechanist's Coretech Exhausts50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Neophyte Intruder's Cover50ShoulderMedium Armor3499
Netslasher's Biomimetic Shoulder Pads50ShoulderMedium Armor3794
Netslasher's Cybernetic Shoulder Pads50ShoulderMedium Armor3794
Nevershawl50ShoulderMedium Armor4285
Patch of Resolve50ShoulderMedium Armor3499
Quenching Embrace50ShoulderLight Armor4285
Shroud of Darkness50ShoulderMedium Armor3499
Sigil of Avatus50ShoulderLight Armor4285
Stalwart Carapace Shoulders50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Vortex Power Plates50ShoulderHeavy Armor3499
Ward of the Syncword50ShoulderLight Armor4285
Adjudicator's Bombarding Shoulder Guards50ShoulderHeavy Armor2230
Adjudicator's Warding Shoulder Guards50ShoulderHeavy Armor2230
Agitator's Fusillade Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Agitator's Invigorating Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Arbiter's Bombarding Shoulder Guards50ShoulderHeavy Armor2230
Arbiter's Warding Shoulder Guards50ShoulderHeavy Armor2230
Aspirant's Afflicting Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Aspirant's Meditative Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Augur's Afflicting Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Augur's Meditative Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Avenger's Restorative Shoulder Sash50ShoulderMedium Armor2623
Avenger's Ruthless Shoulder Sash50ShoulderMedium Armor2623