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Found 1938 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▲ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Damaged Alien Horse Hoof1 Junk 
Diamond Earrings60 Junk1270
Split Mammodin Hoof15 Junk169
Sharpened Shirook Talons50 Junk846
Flooded Boot32 Junk416
Breath Sac50 Junk846
Adventurer's Furniture Set  Loot Bag 
Tattered Alien Horse Hide5 Junk24
Abnormal Eldan Heart1 Junk 
Ragged Mammodin Pelt20 Junk242
Ruffled Shirook Feathers55 Junk1037
Waterlogged Boot40 Junk564
Tainted Impulse55 Junk1037
Outdoor Furniture Set  Loot Bag 
Brittle Alien Horse Horns10 Junk97
Cheap Necklace5 Junk24
Broken Mammodin Horn25 Junk314
Majestic Shirook Wings60 Junk1270
Skullcano Reward Bag  Loot Bag459
Evo Essence60 Junk1270
Bland Fried "Fillet"1 Junk 
Split Alien Horse Hoofs15 Junk169
Dirt-Covered Relic10 Junk97
Severed Mammodin Hoof30 Junk387
Small Skeech Fetish5 Junk24
Skullcano Reward Bag  Loot Bag459
Rot Skin1 Junk 
Stormtalon Reward Bag  Loot Bag846
Chest of Replacement Weapons1 Loot Bag 
Bland Seared Rib1 Junk 
Ragged Alien Horse Hide20 Junk242
Beating Eldan Heart15 Junk169
Torn Mammodin Pelt35 Junk459
Cheap Skeech Jewelry10 Junk97
Skullcano Reward Bag  Loot Bag459
Rot Skin5 Junk24
Stormtalon Reward Bag  Loot Bag846
Grinder Mount15 Mount169
Bland Nuked "Fillet"1 Junk 
Broken Alien Horse Horns25 Junk314
Broken Necklace20 Junk242
Gnarled Mammodin Horn40 Junk564
Discolored Skeech Fetish20 Junk242
Stormtalon Reward Bag  Loot Bag242
Rot Skin10 Junk97
Stormtalon Reward Bag  Loot Bag846
Bland Nuked Rib1 Junk 
Severed Alien Horse Hoofs30 Junk387
Religious Relic25 Junk314
Rough Mammodian Hoof45 Junk691