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Found 3679 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
'Singularis' LA-6C Eldanweave Mendmantle50ChestLight Armor1270
'Singularis' LA-6G Eldanweave Powermitts50HandsLight Armor995
Abstract Data Mask50HeadLight Armor3499
Acid Burned Pants50LegsLight Armor4285
Boots of the Road Less Taken50FeetLight Armor3360
Cloth of the Virtual50LegsLight Armor4840
Cloud Dancer Pauldrons50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Cloud Dancers50FeetLight Armor3098
Clutches of Ragnarok50HandsLight Armor3794
Cypherstep Sandals50FeetLight Armor3794
Dashing Eldan Gauntlets50HandsLight Armor1829
Data Projectionist's Shroud50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Dataminer's Trousers50LegsLight Armor3951
Dataraider's Coat50ChestLight Armor3951
Datarunner's Treads50FeetLight Armor3098
Debonair Eldan Gauntlets50HandsLight Armor1829
Delicate Wreath of Growth50HeadLight Armor4285
Dim Pants of Confusion50LegsLight Armor3951
Dreamstorm Vestments50ChestLight Armor3951
Drifter's Wide Brim50HeadLight Armor3499
E Wave AmpliBand50HeadLight Armor3794
Emulator's Steady Grips50HandsLight Armor3794
Encoder Coat50ChestLight Armor4840
Enriched Gesticulators50HandsLight Armor3360
Ethereal Eldan Gauntlets50HandsLight Armor1829
Expanded Memory Gloves50HandsLight Armor3360
Foot Pads of Constructed Reality50FeetLight Armor3360
Foot Pads of Corrupted Reality50FeetLight Armor3360
Framework Masking50HeadLight Armor4285
Frontier Physician's Denims50LegsLight Armor4285
Galeforce Fingers50HandsLight Armor3794
Gloomhaven Boots50FeetLight Armor3098
Gloomskin Boots50FeetLight Armor3098
Gloomskin Treads50FeetLight Armor3098
Gloves of the Compiler50HandsLight Armor3360
Grasps of Misery50HandsLight Armor3098
Gunslinger's Battleweave Coat50ChestLight Armor4285
Gunslinger's Battleweave Grips50HandsLight Armor3360
Gunslinger's Battleweave Hood50HeadLight Armor3794
Gunslinger's Battleweave Leggings50LegsLight Armor4285
Gunslinger's Battleweave Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor3794
Gunslinger's Battleweave Treads50FeetLight Armor3360
Gunslinger's Lightweave Coat50ChestLight Armor4285
Gunslinger's Lightweave Grips50HandsLight Armor3360
Gunslinger's Lightweave Hood50HeadLight Armor3794
Gunslinger's Lightweave Leggings50LegsLight Armor4285
Gunslinger's Lightweave Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor3794
Gunslinger's Lightweave Treads50FeetLight Armor3360
Hands of the Peacemaker50HandsLight Armor3098
Hardened Carapace Shoulders50ShoulderLight Armor3499