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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Req Lvl ▼ Zone ▼ Faction▼ Image
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Hidden Heights3532WilderrunExile, Dominion
Torine Lifewater3733WilderrunExile, Dominion
Deep-Fry Everything4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Probably a Delicacy4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Aggressive Elementals2825CoralusExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Corrupted Within11Exile, Dominion
Clear the Beach4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
The High Price of Freedom3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Ruthless11Exile, Dominion
A Shiny Harvest4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Noise Pollution3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
A Bountiful Ocean2825CoralusExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: The Old Ultrabot Violence61Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Pillar Hop11Exile, Dominion
Automated Security4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Destruction of Massive Weapons3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Reconstructive Surgery11Exile, Dominion
Artificial Mastermind4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Is That All You've Got?3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Warbot, What is it Good for?61Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Grazer Blazer11Exile, Dominion
Dead Ahead2522WhitevaleExile, Dominion
The Town of Gravestone4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Blunt the Weapon Maker3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Everstar Tank Police61Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Death to the Defiler11Exile, Dominion
These Old Bones4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Unchained3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Megatech Assault61Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Buzz Swatter11Exile, Dominion
Bret's Lackeys4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Punch 'em in the Slavemaker3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Boulder Got Back81Exile, Dominion
Busting Black Bret4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Soulrot Survivor3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Yes, Sir, That's My Yeti111Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Into The Maw Of Blackness11Exile, Dominion
A Missing Prospector5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
Permission Granted4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Strange Brew3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: The Eldan Giant131Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Black Fangs11Exile, Dominion
Scrab Menace4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
The Pulverizer 3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Orb of Power11Exile, Dominion
Graylight's Golden Touch5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
Boring But Vital Data4138MalgraveExile, Dominion
Free Range Pumera3835WilderrunExile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Perpetual Emotion11Exile, Dominion
IMBUEMENT: Keepin' it Arboreal11Exile, Dominion