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Found 612 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Reactor Core Vent Fan Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1170
Reactor Core Vent Fan Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1170
Saboteur's Soulblade Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade68
Scarlet Sentinel's Psyblade Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade24
Sign of Command Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1079
Sign of Command Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1079
Slushbrew Psionic Blade Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade141
Soulblade of the Fallen Soldier Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade215
Spine Blade of Osiric Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade141
Star of the High Priest Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade215
Template Weapon Psyblade Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade 
The Dark Spur Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade289
The Sixth Sense Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade363
Tombmaker Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade918
Vultura's Psionic Blade Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade141
Widowmaker Empowered Belt Fan Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1170
Xenos Psion Blade Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade68
'Adventus' CW-2 PSB Magma Psybomb50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1322
'Adventus' CW-3 PSB Hurricane Neuroblade50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1434
'Adventus' CW-4 PSB Psionic Aerostar50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1434
'Epochos' CW-1 PSB Astral Blade50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1322
Galactistructural Neural Assaulter50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1322
Isigrol Survival Mind Blade50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade846
Psyblade of Blighthaven50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade846
Bloodsworn Onslaught Psionic Dagger49Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1425
Darkcore Gyroblade49Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1322
Life Weaver's Moon Star49Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1322
Fine Galactium Psyblade48Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1168
Galactium Isomodular Psystar47Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade813
Sandstone Bladed Psybomb47Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1219
Thirsty Creek Mind Star47Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1219
Conscript Galacticore Psyblade46Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1262
Exile Galacticore Psyblade46Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1262
Protostar Premium Psyblade45Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade691
Serviceable Galactium Neural Assaulter45Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1034
Xenocore Mind Slicer44Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1036
Spectral Moon Star43Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade993
FCON Xenocite Psydagger42Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1032
Legion Xenocore Psydagger42Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1032
Xenocite Aeroform Neural Dominator42Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade916
Xenostructural Moon Star41Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade879
Standardized Survival Blade40Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade564
Thermock Psystar40Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade918
Xenocite Glaciform Moon Blade40Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade844
Xenocite Isomodular Psyblade40Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade844
Fine Xenocite Psionic Star39Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade811
Moodie Kuwalo's Neuroblade39Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade881
Xenocite Geoform Mind Star38Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade778
Ancient Cassian Psionic Blade37Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade812
Fine Xenocite Psyblade37Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade747