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Found 2214 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Acid Burned Pants50LegsLight Armor4285
Ankle Thrusters50LegsHeavy Armor3951
Bloody Surgeon's Apron50LegsMedium Armor4285
Breeches of Boldness50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Cloth of the Virtual50LegsLight Armor4840
Datacore Fissionist's Leg Shields50LegsMedium Armor4285
Datacore Fusionist's Leg Shields50LegsMedium Armor4285
Dataminer's Trousers50LegsLight Armor3951
Dim Pants of Confusion50LegsLight Armor3951
Engulfing Windlegs50LegsHeavy Armor4840
Extrapolating Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Frontier Physician's Denims50LegsLight Armor4285
Geyser Breeches50LegsMedium Armor4840
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Gridrunner's Matrixed Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Gunslinger's Battleweave Leggings50LegsLight Armor4285
Gunslinger's Lightweave Leggings50LegsLight Armor4285
Highwayman's Leathers50LegsMedium Armor4285
Infusion Galoshes50LegsLight Armor4840
Leg Guards of Osmosis50LegsMedium Armor4840
Leggings of Constructed Reality50LegsLight Armor4285
Leggings of Corrupted Reality50LegsLight Armor4285
Life Tender's Leggings50LegsMedium Armor3951
Liferoot Leggings50LegsLight Armor4285
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Leg Guards50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Mechanist's Coretech Leg Guards50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Micromesh Legslips50LegsMedium Armor3951
Netslasher's Biomimetic Leggings50LegsMedium Armor4285
Netslasher's Cybernetic Leggings50LegsMedium Armor4285
Nightshadow Wraps50LegsMedium Armor3951
Onslaught Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor3951
Overclocked Mechapants50LegsMedium Armor4285
Pants of the Corrupted Domain50LegsMedium Armor4840
Pants of the Glacier50LegsLight Armor3951
Pathtracer Pants50LegsLight Armor3951
Petrified Pants50LegsHeavy Armor4840
Quick of the Wandering Mind50LegsLight Armor4285
Resilient Pants50LegsHeavy Armor3951
Rockfierce Leg Guards50LegsHeavy Armor4840
Shackles of Rage50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Symbiotic Leggings50LegsLight Armor4840
Synchronized Leg Guards50LegsMedium Armor3951
The Two Pillars50LegsMedium Armor4840
Trousers of Etherea50LegsLight Armor3951
Twilight Dancer Pants50LegsMedium Armor4285
Wildcard Leggings50LegsLight Armor4840
Adjudicator's Bombarding Shin Plates50LegsHeavy Armor2519
Adjudicator's Warding Shin Plates50LegsHeavy Armor2519
Agitator's Fusillade Technopants50LegsLight Armor2519
Agitator's Invigorating Technopants50LegsLight Armor2519