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Found 2852 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
'Singularis' LA-6C Eldanweave Mendmantle50ChestLight Armor1270
'Singularis' LA-6G Eldanweave Powermitts50HandsLight Armor995
Aberration Mask50HeadMedium Armor2151
Abhorrently Tender Touches50HandsMedium Armor2529
Abiding Pell Totem50 Gear1493
Ability Tier Point Unlock50 Dyes846
Ability Tier Point Unlock50 Dyes846
Adjudicator's Bombarding Augmentor50 Gear1975
Adjudicator's Bombarding Face Guard50HeadHeavy Armor2230
Adjudicator's Bombarding Hand Grips50HandsHeavy Armor1975
Adjudicator's Bombarding Inducer50AugmentGear1904
Adjudicator's Bombarding Photon Cannon50Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun1975
Adjudicator's Bombarding Polyboots50FeetHeavy Armor1975
Adjudicator's Bombarding Shelter50ShieldsGear1904
Adjudicator's Bombarding Shin Plates50LegsHeavy Armor2519
Adjudicator's Bombarding Shoulder Guards50ShoulderHeavy Armor2230
Adjudicator's Bombarding Splint Mail50ChestHeavy Armor2519
Adjudicator's Bombarding Target Link50 Gear1975
Adjudicator's Warding Augmentor50 Gear1975
Adjudicator's Warding Face Guard50HeadHeavy Armor2230
Adjudicator's Warding Hand Grips50HandsHeavy Armor1975
Adjudicator's Warding Inducer50AugmentGear1904
Adjudicator's Warding Photon Cannon50Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun1975
Adjudicator's Warding Polyboots50FeetHeavy Armor1975
Adjudicator's Warding Shelter50ShieldsGear1904
Adjudicator's Warding Shin Plates50LegsHeavy Armor2519
Adjudicator's Warding Shoulder Guards50ShoulderHeavy Armor2230
Adjudicator's Warding Splint Mail50ChestHeavy Armor2519
Adjudicator's Warding Target Link50 Gear1975
Adrenaline Booster 900050AugmentGear2065
Adrenaline Super Injector50AugmentGear2240
Adroit Exanite Matrix50ShieldsGear1430
Advanced Targeting Analyzer50 Gear1904
Ageless Headgear50HeadHeavy Armor2151
Aggressive Phase Encapsulator50 Gear2240
Agitator's Fusillade Assist Module50 Gear1975
Agitator's Fusillade Bindings50HandsLight Armor1975
Agitator's Fusillade Energy Shield50ShieldsGear1904
Agitator's Fusillade Guise50HeadLight Armor2230
Agitator's Fusillade Intensifier50 Gear1975
Agitator's Fusillade Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2230
Agitator's Fusillade Musketoons50Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols1975
Agitator's Fusillade Neural Chip50AugmentGear1904
Agitator's Fusillade Raiments50ChestLight Armor2519
Agitator's Fusillade Striders50FeetLight Armor1975
Agitator's Fusillade Technopants50LegsLight Armor2519
Agitator's Invigorating Assist Module50 Gear1975
Agitator's Invigorating Bindings50HandsLight Armor1975
Agitator's Invigorating Energy Shield50ShieldsGear1904
Agitator's Invigorating Guise50HeadLight Armor2230