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Found 4476 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Advanced Data Infuser50AugmentGear2968
Aim-Assisting Microprocessor50 Gear3794
Algorithmic Damage Resister50ShieldsGear2968
Artiflex Cognition Implant50AugmentGear3635
Astrologic Rangefinder50 Gear3098
Auxiliary Shielding50 Gear3794
Axis of Cataclysm50 Gear3098
Bandwidth Spikers50ShieldsGear3794
Battle Healer's Kit50 Gear3360
Binary Bulwark50ShieldsGear3219
Binary Scrambler50ShieldsGear3635
Biochem Adaptation Module50AugmentGear2968
Biomimetic Receptive Neural Chip50AugmentGear3219
Biomimetic Receptive Sequencer50 Gear3098
Biomimetic Receptive Shroud50 Gear3794
Bitmapper's Code Repairer50 Gear3098
Blink Shield50ShieldsGear2968
Buffering Implant50 Gear3098
Cached Memory of the Eldan50AugmentGear3219
Caretaker's Boon50ShieldsGear3794
Celerity Amplifier50 Gear3794
Channeling Focus50 Gear3360
Closed Network Field50ShieldsGear2968
Code Matron's Ward50ShieldsGear3219
Cold Synthblood50AugmentGear3635
Cold Synthblood50AugmentGear3635
Conductivity Gel50 Gear3360
Cone of Precognition50ShieldsGear3635
Cortical Holoprojector50AugmentGear3635
Critical Feedback Interface50 Gear3794
Crystalline Multiphasic Intensifier50AugmentGear2968
Cybernetic Trigger Finger50AugmentGear2968
Defender of the Eldan Domain50ShieldsGear3219
Defiant Multiphasic Nucleus50AugmentGear2968
Defiant Multiphasic Shell50 Gear3794
Deflex Defensive Solution50ShieldsGear2968
Despondency Regulator50AugmentGear2968
Digiflux Router50 Gear3794
Direct Neural Tracker50 Gear3794
Dynamic Onslaught Inducer50AugmentGear3219
E9715 Laser Scope50 Gear3794
Eldan Proximity Monitor50 Gear3360
Eldan Syntax Cloaking Device50 Gear3360
Empathic Monitor50AugmentGear3219
Encrypted Guidance Signal50AugmentGear3219
Enhanced Protocol Prototype50ShieldsGear3219
Enumerated Strength Enhancer50 Gear3360
External Signal Hub50 Gear3360
Extraction Seeker50 Gear3360