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Found 3433 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Aerowalks50FeetHeavy Armor3794
Ankle Thrusters50LegsHeavy Armor3951
Armored Shoulder Mounts50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Big Data Harness50ShoulderHeavy Armor4285
Breeches of Boldness50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Brutal Eldan Gauntlets50HandsHeavy Armor1829
Burning Helm50HeadHeavy Armor4285
Commanding Grasps50HandsHeavy Armor3794
Counterpointers50HandsHeavy Armor3360
Crown of Achievement50HeadHeavy Armor3499
Crushgore Chest Guard50ChestHeavy Armor3951
Curb Stompers50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Daemonclaw Gloves50HandsHeavy Armor3794
Datastrike ComBoots50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Dynamic Onslaught Shoulder Plates50ShoulderHeavy Armor3499
Dynamic Onslaught Stompers50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Engulfing Windlegs50LegsHeavy Armor4840
Explosive Eldan Gauntlets50HandsHeavy Armor1829
Extrapolating Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Firm Grasp50HandsHeavy Armor3098
Fists of Unbridled Anger50HandsHeavy Armor3098
Footstone50FeetHeavy Armor3794
Fragmented Bracers50HandsHeavy Armor3794
Galactic Trinarymesh Shoulders50ShoulderHeavy Armor3499
Gloomclaw's Hertzed Overboots50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Gloomclaw's Magniplate Spaulders50ShoulderHeavy Armor4285
Gloves of the Elementals50HandsHeavy Armor3098
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Battlesuit50ChestHeavy Armor4285
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Gauntlets50HandsHeavy Armor3360
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Greaves50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Helm50HeadHeavy Armor3794
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Gridrunner's Electrostatic Pauldrons50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Gridrunner's Matrixed Battlesuit50ChestHeavy Armor4285
Gridrunner's Matrixed Gauntlets50HandsHeavy Armor3360
Gridrunner's Matrixed Greaves50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Gridrunner's Matrixed Helm50HeadHeavy Armor3794
Gridrunner's Matrixed Leg Plates50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Gridrunner's Matrixed Pauldrons50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Hardened Noggincap50HeadHeavy Armor3794
Impenetrable Cover50ShoulderHeavy Armor4285
Kinetic Body Barrier50ChestHeavy Armor3951
Lava Boots50FeetHeavy Armor3794
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Exhausts50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Exosuit50ChestHeavy Armor4285
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Great Helm50HeadHeavy Armor3794
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Leg Guards50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Piloting Grips50HandsHeavy Armor3360
Mechanist's Core-Reactor Thrusters50FeetHeavy Armor3360
Mechanist's Coretech Exhausts50ShoulderHeavy Armor3794