Project Legacy: The Duelist

Project Legacy: The Duelist
Required Level: 50
Durability: 70
Bind: On Pickup
1711 Assault Power
363 Support Power
Imbuement (1/6):
IMBUEMENT: Certification
Earn a Gold medal in each dungeon on Veteran difficulty
+50 Critical Severity Rating
Imbuement (2/6):
IMBUEMENT: Hidden Files
Earn the Timed Out, Avatus's Password, Blue Skies, and Defy Corruption achievements
+50 Critical Hit Rating
Imbuement (3/6):
IMBUEMENT: Find Your Path
Earn the Tread Carefully, Reduce Row Echelon, Tactical Strike, and The Best Defense achievements
+100 Strikethrough Rating
Imbuement (4/6):
IMBUEMENT: Data Recovery
Collect Encrypted Datashards from powerful enemies
+100 Moxie
Imbuement (5/6):
IMBUEMENT: Splendid Execution
Earn the Final Showdown achievement and collect the Caretaker's Security Core
+100 Finesse
Imbuement (6/6):
IMBUEMENT: By Eldan Design
Talk to The Caretaker about the Arena Switch
Special: Intensify
+ 6 Rune Slots
Open Omni Slot
Locked Omni Slot
Locked Omni Slot
Locked Omni Slot
Locked Omni Slot
Locked Omni Slot
Sell for: 24 Gold, 77 Silver, 8 Copper

Quick Facts

iPower: 2976

Category: Weapon - Pistols

Family: Weapon

Type: Pistols

Slot: Primary Weapon

Quality: Artifact

Added in: Open Beta

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Project Legacy: The Duelist 4008

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